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Zwei Wochen per Anhalter durch Europa. Warum?

Highlight and Challenge at the same time. But we gonna rock it!

Warum sollte ein_e Fahrer_in gerade uns mitnehmen?

As in the description written, extremely nice etc.

Unsere Beste Tramperfahrung bisher:

Plenty! Soeren already hitchhiked from Europe to Asia, Walter has joined the race couple of times and Simone also already hitchhiked a few thousend kilometers...

Unser Ziel fürs Rennen

Gewinnen! Was sonst???

Für eine Spende würden wir...

the foundation of health and the possibility of a future.

Walter (35)
Sören (30)
Simone (32)

Aktuelle Platzierung im Rennen: 28
Aktuelle Platzierung auf Route: 6

Far far away in Romania, there was a lake called Lacul Surduc, where 2012 over 100 hitchhikers found their way to. Three of these awesome people decided to join the race this year (again - besides the last couple of years, some of us) together: Soeren, Walter and Simone from Germany/Switzerland. And here we are! In a new constellation, probably the best possible (extremely nice, clever, good looking and experienced in traveling by thumb)! ;)

So we are going to win this thing! Or not... but our goal definitely is reach the destination, fun, AT LEAST one stage victory and, well... win it maybe! Whatever happens, IT'S GONNA BE AWESOOOOME!

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