Everything you need to know about donations and Sea Watch

We are raising funds for the Sea-Watch e.V.

Sea-Watch e.V. is a non-governmental organisation, which has dedicated itself to sea rescue. No one deserves to die at the external borders of the European Union, seeking a safe and more human life. For further information check “About Sea Watch” or their Website.

To support your favourite team, you can become a TeamSponsor or a TeamOwner. Of course, the money of your sponsorship is a donation for Sea-Watch and does not go to the teams themselves :) If you want to, as a TeamSponsor you can place your name and a short comment on the team’s profile page on tramprennen.org. As a TeamOwner, you give a minimum of 100 Euros for Sea-Watch. As a Thank You, you have the right to place a photo, picture or logo in the team profile which can optionally be linked to a URL of your choice.

Everyone! Tramprennen is not about finding one rich dude who sponsors with millions of Euros – it’s about taking on board all your friends, family members and people from work or those you just meet every day into the race with a little donation.

Don’t worry. Just look for a friendly team (at a pinch just pick one randomly) and become it’s team sponsor! They will appreciate your support and be motivated!

After you decided to become a TeamSponsor and gave us the important information, you’ll get a link to our project on “Betterplace.org“. At our partner Betterplace you can enter the amount and the method of payment. They offer payment by credit cards, PayPal and SEPA direct debit. Betterplace is a non-profit corporation, which transfers the donations directly to Sea-Watch after the race. If needed, they’ll issue a donation receipt (according to the requirements of German revenue boards) as well.

At Betterplace you can donate using credit cards, PayPal or SEPA direct debit.

Additionally you can just transfer your donation to Sea Watch:

Sea Watch

Account Holder: Sea-Watch e.V.
IBAN: DE77100205000002022288
Bank: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft Berlin