The Pursuit of Hippyness

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Two weeks through Europe by thumb. Why?


Why should a lift take us along?


Our best Autostop-experience so far


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Jan (32)
isabel (32)
Cecilia (108)

Current Race Rank: 35
Current Route Rank: 7

There´s Jan, the most relaxed German you will ever have the pleasure to meet.

And there´s Isa, the loudest, most hyperactive Spanish girl ever. Born and raised in La Mancha, Don Quijote would seem sage and rational next to her.

Jan and Isa are the ultimate Hitchhike-DreamTeam. They just don’t know it yet. That’s where I came in. I had to assure Jan and Isa were going to be a Team, it was the last desperate measure I could think of, to spread the message to the world, that love and laughter is all it takes.

I hope soon we will be seeing masses demonstrating on the streets, asking for the universal right of the pursuit of hippyness.

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