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Two weeks through Europe by thumb. Why?


Why should a lift take us along?


Our best Autostop-experience so far


Our goal for the race


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Bilo (35)
Rolf (108)
Sylvester Maria (109)

Current Race Rank: 52
Current Route Rank: 10

Swag on: Whoop whoop!We got 99 problems but the lift aint one!Slick Sly, TurboRolf and Bilo Supersagdiyev are back on the streets together. Whipping ass in awesomeness eastern Europe countries . Watch out when Rolf gets on fire again, like last time- TR2010. Everybody can hitchhike with a nice blonde beside, we don t' wanna mention any names( Hauke, Luki, Jan, Ivo...) We go for the real hh experience!With masculine power and beery breath and some other strange smells...!!!?? Might not gonna be the first team but one of the most classy ones indeed. We will convince drivers with ouer practical established patter, like: ,,WE ARE FRIENDS; WE ARE NOT LIKE THE OTHERS MAN"! In order to stay handsome and crisp ,for the next lift , never forget the *special* briefcase. When the going gets weird, team Handsome Threesome turn pro. Swag off


Slick Sly just got some issues with the lovly BAFÖG Amt, so he will catch us up later and Big Ben roled into the team. Over and Out!

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