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Two weeks through Europe by thumb. Why?


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Fridolin (108)
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The Great Unknown East ahead and the long and winding road like a metaphor for life unfolding its secrets at 3000 revolutions per minute and 97 kilometers per hour, and there ::: under the beautiful and merciless stare of God's Great Eyeball ::: two guys in search of something -- what? some unknown.. inkling of .. being alive -- lost on The Road. But, no use in über-analyzing, we need to go further, furthur, future with our hippie dippy adventure - so stand up, thumbs up, smile on ::: And the great eyeball still staring at us and evaporating our lives at 35 degrees centigrade as we stand in our dust-soaked shirts on this forgotten roadside, and we can already feel our heart and respiration rates increasing and our brain cells crying. Too -- hot -- can't -- think -- think... But then: WATER .. aaahhh .. oh so delicious and refreshing and replenishing and gooooooood and aaaaaaah and how could anyone possibly live without it?! And isn't that what it's really all about? -- has anything ever felt better than drinking this water and being alive? Alive! And shouldn't just everybody be able to have that water? Shouldn't just everyone be entitled to it? But how?? Sure, your support for our team's Hippie Dippy quest to Change the World will be only one tiny tiny drop on a very hot stone, but it's a drop and enough drops will eventually bring rain. And so we set out: Into the Void :::::

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