The Tramping Rockadillies

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Two weeks through Europe by thumb. Why?


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Patrick (30)
Manon-Margaux (31)

Current Race Rank: 27
Current Route Rank: 7

Hello dear Hitchhicking-Friends, Sponsors and Worldsafers!

We'll present you now the amazing patchwork-team:

The tramping Rockadillies!

This team consists Padde the crazy, vegetarien biochemist, who is living on the road after he was finishing his studies. And Lolo the funny austrian girl, who is used to work and travel as an animateur.

Together they will tramp all way down from Belgim over Germany, Poland and Slowakia to finally reach Rumania. What they have in common is the love for good music, the feeling of wanderlust and the will to win this competition for clean drinking water in India. "And of course our sponsors to love."

Why you should pick this Team?

"Because we are young, we are fun and we love music." Is there anything more to say? (:

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