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Sponsoring Steps

JerrycanChoose a team.
Do you want to become TeamOwner or Sponsor? Choose now. Then choose your team and click "next ".
You will be sent to our partner Betterplace - there you can choose the amount of your donation for your team and of the donation for our partner betterplace (you don't have to donate for them as well!)
Afterwords you have to enter your account details for the donation. After that you will be redirected to our homepage where you just have to fill in the form for our homepage to finish your donation. Here you can leave a message for the team!
Keep in mind there are several sponsors but only one TeamOwner per team - the first who donates at least 100€ becomes TeamOwner and can place a picture or logo and an URL to the team profile.

JerrycanFill out the form for our homepage


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