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Zwei Wochen per Anhalter durch Europa. Warum?

adventure time (:!! We love this beautiful encounters on the roads!

Warum sollte ein_e Fahrer_in gerade uns mitnehmen?

why the fuck not?=) They would miss the joy of our company ;(

Unsere Beste Tramperfahrung bisher:

One lift in Kappadokien who invited us to stay in his cave house, where we had a great traditional turkish breakfast with all his family (: (Elena) nothing specific. just looots of crazy shit. or nice shit. (Thomas)

Unser Ziel fürs Rennen

Spaß, Spaß, Spaß!

Für eine Spende würden wir...

...important, nourishing, beautiful, neccesary to save, natural and full of life!

Thomas (103)
Elena (33)

Aktuelle Platzierung im Rennen: 38
Aktuelle Platzierung auf Route: 8

Dear friends <3

Yahuu (:! Streets as vains of the earth: We will gently relaxed be carried through them with high joy of connecting to this little colourful trashspeedcubes on speedy wheels, where the magical bubbles burst out of time!

We can't wait to start: Thomas and Elena

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