Latest News about Tramprennen 2022

Our participant Philipp got interviewed on his way home

One of our participants from this years race got interviewed on his way back home by a press member. See this nice article from Reinhard about Philipps experiences with tramprennen here: Philipp thumbed a Diesel down… – pen-and-tell Sadly this article is only available in German…  

Registration opened till 8. of August

Whoop Whoop hitchhiking folks! Because so many people are still looking for Hitchmates we decided to give you some extra time to sign up for the Tramprennen 2022 to enable YOU to join our journey from Nuremberg to Albania! +++ Registration is open until the 8th of August +++ So go and ask friends, strangers […]

Registration open!

Have you already told aaaaall of your friends about Tramprennen 2022? No? Well now is the time! The registration process is open and you can sign up right now, here: . We also have our wonderful poster ready for this year and if you want a few to hang in your favorite bar, at […]

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TeamSponsors: 62

TeamOwner: 16

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Laura sponsored The Tramps with 10 Euros

Trial and Error sponsored Opel-Gang with 150 Euros

ARNOLD R. sponsored Michelinchen with 100 Euros

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after all, he'll play wonderwall!

Cedric, Svea

Monday, October 3rd 2:51
(21 hours ago)

Wonderwalling one last time


Hanna, matan

Sunday, September 18th 14:12
(weeks ago)

the Opel made it to berlin and even had some upgrades on the way. love you all. I hope you are all good and having fun.


Tom, Emily

Sunday, September 11th 21:55
(weeks ago)

Finish off the journey with these wonderful views of Mont Blanc :) Second part of the Opel-Gang arrived at home now too



Tramprennen is an annual hitchhiking race in which over 100 go-getters hit the road using their thumbs. The competition takes you through Europe and during the two weeks scheduled for the race there’s plenty of room for spontaneity and discovering different cultures, both within the race and in the ever changing settings of the race.
 Competing with old and new friends on who can beat who, and what that person then has to do, are funkylicious activities that everybody can enjoy, but the race is so much more than just a fun and friendly competition. It’s not just about passing through the places as fast as possible, but also taking the time to meet different people with an open mind and discover a new culture together. It’s an opportunity to promote such funktastic values as: friendship, intercultural exchange, social engagement and obviously the sweet, sweet art of hitchhiking.

Tramprennen – Trailer

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