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Cedric, Ute

Friday, August 23rd 16:45
(1 hours ago)

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Babelfishes are on the move to kecskemet

Drinkers with a hitchhiking problem

Anne, Martin

Friday, August 23rd 16:31
(1 hours ago)

Zemplinska sirava in eastern slovakia!

Daumen im Wind

Yvonne , Kai

Friday, August 23rd 13:29
(4 hours ago)

This was the group shot with our very first lift on Saturday from Görlitz near the Czech Border close to Zittau: Pauline Backemeier from die Linke, the youngest candidate for Saxony's Landtag elections at the beginning of September, with two friends and young Linke-members on their roadshow: we're all presenting their election posters and stickers. They gave us a lot of advertising material to distribute on our Tramprennen-tour through Eastern Europe. However, they also like the idea of the Tramprennen. In addition, one further TR-team of another route joined us having had the same lift-exit at the same time.

Die Nachkommen

Mimke, Marcus

Friday, August 23rd 11:55
(6 hours ago)

"The Champions arrived, *@^$*#)@ !" #morgendann2000km

It’s a Wonderful Ride

Felix, Luisa

Friday, August 23rd 11:07
(7 hours ago)

Frühstück im Bett!


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Tramprennen 2019 – Trailer

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Tramprennen is an annual hitchhiking race in which over 100 go-getters hit the road using their thumbs. The competition takes you through Europe and during the two weeks scheduled for the race there’s plenty of room for spontaneity and discovering different cultures, both within the race and in the ever changing settings of the race.
 Competing with old and new friends on who can beat who, and what that person then has to do, are funkylicious activities that everybody can enjoy, but the race is so much more than just a fun and friendly competition. It’s not just about passing through the places as fast as possible, but also taking the time to meet different people with an open mind and discover a new culture together. It’s an opportunity to promote such funktastic values as: friendship, intercultural exchange, social engagement and obviously the sweet, sweet art of hitchhiking.

Latest News about Tramprennen 2019

A hitchhikers guide to Transylvania

  Have you ever heard of Dracula? Well you can soon hitch to the spooky places of the mysterious vampire. Dümdüdüdümmm *drumroll* Tramprennen 2019 will lead you to the wonderful region Transylvania at the foot of the Carpathians. WHOOP! Are you excited? Do you want to teach Dracula some hippieshit? Great! Tell your friends and […]

Tramprennen 2019 – Save the Date!

We know… you are waiting desperately to stand on the side of dusty roads in the summer and race criss-cross through Europe with your best friends. Well at least we can give you some good news. The dates for Tramprennen 2019 are set! From 16. August to 31. August we will be on the road to a wonderful […]

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