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Zwei Wochen per Anhalter durch Europa. Warum?

It s a very nice experience. You should try it yourselve.

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An old man in a Jaguar took us through a part of the mountains Close to Davos in switzerland. Just an easy, sunshining, uncomplicated time.

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existential for living. It s a shame that the MDG's are still not reached and water supply is still being privatised instead of making clean water excessible for the lower-income-class.

Paul (31)
Pia (29)

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As the picture shows we are two very friendly young camper who can not, even if we'd wished, be a harm to anyone. Besides no one could be a harm to us, because, honestly, who would do bad to those innocent young people hanging shirts in trees and feeling free? We fit in every car, we can laugh about almost all kinds of jokes and we don't need much but a nice smile and a pillow for the night.

And if you watch very closely on the streets of europe the next two weeks, you gonna see these two innocent young tramper kids on possibly every gaz station, parking lot, Highway entry or traffic light. Standing, hiking, smiling, loving.

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