F wie Flamingo & Viking

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How far would you go to win a stage?

Be relaxed and fun, as always. Maybe trying to get up early.

What shouldn't be missing in your hitchhiking-backpack?

A map, a camera and - for sure the most important item for successful intergalactic hitchhiking - a towel.

Your Grandma's opinion:

She's quietly shaking her head.

You are ...

... the Kings and Queens of the Road!

How do you imagine your final arrival to Boracko Jezero?


Jan Martin (31)
Marie-Luise (28)

Current Race Rank: 38
Current Route Rank: 13

We combine years of hitchhiking- and Tramprennen-experience, always with great team members and mascots. This year, we will need to leave some of them behind, like Otto, the cactus (Is Otto still alive?!) or Hasi, the booze rabbit. Maybe Karl the Flamingo will join in. Let's see!

Due to Maries chronic inability to arrive somewhere on time we will unfortunately miss the first two stages but are already hyped to meet everyone at the meeting point of stage 2!

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F wie Flamingo & Viking

Jan Martin, Marie-Luise

Sunday, August 19th 11:38
(7 hours ago)

If he doesn’t finish me up, I’ll be in Fulda in a four hours. #socute

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F wie Flamingo & Viking

Jan Martin, Marie-Luise

Sunday, August 19th 9:35
(9 hours ago)

Gestern Abend noch zu Faber auf dem Dockville abgezappelt, nun mit den Öffis auf dem Weg raus aus Hamburg. #genugmitdemvorsprung

F wie Flamingo & Viking

Jan Martin, Marie-Luise

Wednesday, August 15th 21:18
(3 days ago)

While others are packing their stuff, the Viking is selling his body to raise donations. This one gonna hurt...

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Anika L.aus HH
Lieber Jan Martin! Viel Spaß und Erfolg bei der Reise!
Go Go Goooooo :-) viel Spaß & safe trip :-))
Gunnar Heinemann
Good luck, Have fun - and share the spirit afterwards.

Looking forward to your stories

Toll, toll, toll! Das ganze Team Heinemann aus Dortmund drückt Euch die Daumen!

Liebe Grüße

Julia Fährmann

You\'d better take Karl the Flamingo with you! I want pics.
Lord Eisi
Nur der HSV!
Sounds like fun. Wish you to experience a lot of astounding stories to tell afterwards.
good luck & have fun & enjoy
Tobias Rothenberg
Super Idee! Alles Gute und sichere Heimfahrt!
Viel Spaß und immer einen Direktlift mit kühlem Bier am Start.

Freue mich euch in Bosnien zu sehen! :)

Postkarte, Diggie ;-)

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