Hitchhi & Startchy

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How far would you go to win a stage?

To bribe people with chocolate and home-baked cookies.

What shouldn't be missing in your hitchhiking-backpack?

A huge smile. Bunch of funny stories. Bottle-opener. Entire collection of Posca. Our lucky pairs of socks. High spirits.

Your Grandma's opinion:

Well, if that makes you happy, go for it ! And don't forget to put suncreen on !

You are ...

... hobby-hitchhikers

How do you imagine your final arrival to Bontida?

On a quadriga pulled by unicorns, welcomed, as deserved, with fireworks and a guard of honour. Altogether, a fairly common entry.

Servane (26)
Xavier (21)

Current Race Rank: 23
Current Route Rank: 8

Just two Walloon siblings. With thumbs. And we love beer.

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