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How far would you go to win a stage?

Hitchhike a bycicle or a smart.

What shouldn't be missing in your hitchhiking-backpack?

Ajvar and Burek!

Your Grandma's opinion:

Wants to send me money because she thinks I am to broke to come back home.

You are ...

... hobby-hitchhikers

How do you imagine your final arrival to Bontida?

Everyone is already there...

Janna (27)
Johannes (0)

Current Race Rank: 25
Current Route Rank: 9

This year again we want to hit the road with our fellow freaks. Unfortunately we won't be able to start from Görlitz. However Janna will be adopted by the team Wolkensammler. Johannes will join us later during the race and our team will be complete again.

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Janna, Johannes

Saturday, August 17th 21:26

Stellvertretend für die Wolkensammler: Es gab hervorragendes Eis. :) Kein softeis, Erdbeersorbet und Vanille Eis! <3

Freak & Geek

Janna, Johannes

Friday, August 16th 11:29

Here we go again...


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Schön dass ihr es zusammen ins Ziel geschafft habt.

Bis bald

Genießt die Zeit :)
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