after all, he'll play wonderwall!

Cedric, Svea

Monday, October 3rd 2:51

Wonderwalling one last time


Hanna, matan

Sunday, September 18th 14:12

the Opel made it to berlin and even had some upgrades on the way. love you all. I hope you are all good and having fun.


Tom, Emily

Sunday, September 11th 21:55

Finish off the journey with these wonderful views of Mont Blanc :) Second part of the Opel-Gang arrived at home now too


Stefanie , Lukas

Saturday, September 10th 19:09

Still on the road in kosovo

Heute hier morgen immer noch da

Frederik, Laura

Saturday, September 10th 12:30

Got a 1012km lift from the montenegrian-croatian border to vienna yesterday, arrival time 4.36am :)


Katja , Dorian

Saturday, September 10th 9:50

Driving home... in the end we chose the easy way


Katja , Dorian

Thursday, September 8th 20:25

Felix departed us for mysterious directions. Our day is ending in Nikšić.


Katja , Dorian

Thursday, September 8th 12:14

Team Turbo 4000 starts now like a rocket from Tıranë

The Tramps

Jun, Keshia

Thursday, September 8th 0:51

Fuck Jesus for not giving us a bed for the night

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after all, he'll play wonderwall!

Cedric, Svea

Wednesday, September 7th 12:46

Ending Tramprennen the way it started.


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