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Two weeks through Europe by thumb. Why?


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Our best Autostop-experience so far


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Tue Gonzo Elmann (34)
Cecilia (108)
isabel (32)

Current Race Rank: 48
Current Route Rank: 11

Whoop Whooooooooooooop!

We are Funky HippieKake, the amazingly awesome mixture of last years "Funky Knödel" and "The pursuit of Hippyness".

We are very confident that the mixture of beauty, brain and sheer muscle power, will bring us to a fast and sexy victory!

We've been training for lightyears and are now capable of doing Thumb-Pushups while making a sign and explaining the infinity of the universe at the same time, and that we'd like to say is quite an accomplishment.

Even more so if you take into account that "lightyears" is a term that defines distance and not time, so we've even reinvented the whole space/time continuum JUST like that scene in the new Superman 3 Man of steel, except even more badaaaaaaass.

So yeah, take a wild guess who wrote this, and now needs to have a talk with the beautiful hitchmates that are Isa & Chechi ;)

-Lonzo out

-HippieKake In

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