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Robert (33)
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Two years ago the gracious Duchess of Utrecht and the humble Count of Leipzig left their homes and went on a „Quest for the lost Credit Points“ to a remote realm called „Slovenia“. To find the treasure they learned the weird language of this country and spent months doing their research in libraries and pubs, interviewing locals. Almost ready to give up the search, the tenth pivo bought for an old man in a local pub did the trick: His tongue loosened by the alcohol, he gave away the location where the treasure was hidden. Our friends gathered adventurers from all over the world around them and set off to finally obtain the seeked credits, only to find the treasure guarded by an enormous dragon – the Dragon of Ljubljana. In an epic battle and with the help of their companions they slayed the dragon, got hold of the Credit Points and returned to their homes in a triumphal procession.

Now another mission is waiting: The access to clean drinking water and sanitation for everybody! Only together this challenge can be mastered, which is why our heroes will reunite and face the challenge this summer! But to succeed we all need to unite, so be a team sponsor and become part of the quest for clean drinking water and sanitation!

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