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Two weeks through Europe by thumb. Why?


Why should a lift take us along?


Our best Autostop-experience so far


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Pascal (44)
Anna (32)

Current Race Rank: 51
Current Route Rank: 11

One upon a time was a magic unicorn named Charlie. He had two friends, pink and blue. Despite the candy mountain, the choo choo shoe nothing really good came out of their adventures... actually only bad... seems pink and blue are not totally harmless

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Now a new adventure is upcoming and Charlie find two new real reliable mates: Annapple Piña-Nas and Playschool. They'll come with a little extra: the secret magic potion giving super powers also known as the Piña-schoolada.

Follow their adventures which will not take them to Candy Mountain, the deep seas nor the moon. They won't meet the banana king neither.

Kandy Mountain

But they will have to fight their way out of hel(l) and reach death (google translation) to accomplish their mission.

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