Team Picture

How far would you go to win a stage?

I mean we're medicine students. Nudity doesn't scare us. Plus didn't I tell you already that we were beautiful ? No one will resist those handsome faces, trust me.

What shouldn't be missing in your hitchhiking-backpack?

Our handsome faces? Our beautiful smiles? Our joie de vivre?

Your Grandma's opinion:

Thibault's grandma : "You're crazy and you'll definitely end up in pieces somewhere in the truck of a psycho". Tilia : Please dont' tell my grandma. She'd kill me. For real.

You are ...

... hobby-hitchhikers

How do you imagine your final arrival to Udënisht?

Running effortlessly, as the wind go through our beautiful hair. Not a drope of sweat on our forehead. Not a breath out of place. Usain Bolt would be jealous.

Tilia (21)
Thibault (22)

Thibault and Tilia. Two medicine students who met 3 years ago in a non profit health student organization. Got along pretty well, worked together as a team, stuck together since then... The rest is history. One hitchhiking beginner and an absolute professional hitchhiker who definitely knows what she's talking about (also the one writing this description, duh). But even against the odds, this team is not one to be underestimated. Skills, bravery, brain and beauty, let me tell you, we got it all. So beware, T&T is game !

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