• How does Tramprennen work?

Respect & Tolerance

The most important rule of Tramprennen is treating every person with respect. We do not accept racist, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic remarks. We are against any form of discrimination! Those who do not comply can be immediately excluded from Tramprennen.


Tramprennen takes place every year in the last two weeks of August.

Stage race & Fundraising

Tramprennen operates in the style of the Tour de France. Hitchhikers progressively travel towards the final destination in six stages. On hitchhiking days, teams hitchhike to the next stage destination. Each stage is designed to be completed within a day. After each hitchhiking day, there is a rest day to spend time with other participants of the race and wait for teams that didn’t make it on the first day. Additionally, there are two variable buffer days. Thus, at each location, a minimum of two nights is spent. The exact stage destinations are announced at the starting location on the evening before the race, making it more exciting. Only regions and the final destination are disclosed in advance. Before, during, and after the race, all participants try to collect as many donations as possible for the organization we support

Various starting locations and routes, one destination

While first Tramprennen in 2008 was relatively simple, the division into multiple routes was introduced as the number of participants increased to keep the sizes manageable. Usually, one starting location is planned per two routes, which meet at a common intermediate destination in the middle of the race. However, this may vary depending on the number of participants. What remains is that there is always a common final destination where all participants of the race meet. In the registration process, teams can choose from multiple starting locations depending on their preferences for organizational or attractiveness reasons. However, the route each team takes is drawn at the starting location to leave room for randomness and surprises in terms of where they will go and which teams they will be with on a route. And after all, randomness is part of hitchhiking! When planning, efforts are made to make all routes equally attractive. However, for compelling reasons, a team may be assigned to a specific route


To document the experiences we gather during the journey, there is a live ticker. Each team can send messages, pictures, or their location directly to the Tramprennen website! This way, everyone outside, whether friends, family, or sponsors, can participate in the journey. It’s also cool for the teams to see what others are experiencing at the moment and if they are just a few kilometers away, which is practical for tactical overtaking maneuvers and for gathering together in the evening if they happen to be stuck near each other


Tramprennen, strictly speaking, ends at the final destination. Participants are responsible for their own return journey. However, that doesn’t mean you have to plan everything in advance or part ways with everyone at the final destination. With so many people facing the same question, there are always some with similar plans, whether for onward travel or return, whether to be on the road for a few more days or to quickly get home. This way, you only have to say goodbye step by step. But as mentioned, everyone takes care of themselves.

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