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Message by: Antonina (2024-07-09 22:57:43)

Hallo, ich bin Antonina, 29 Jahre alt. Ich studiere und arbeite in Heidelberg. Letztes Jahr habe ich am Tramprennen teilgenommen und ein paar Erfahrungen gesammelt. Der Sieg ist für mich nicht das Wichtigste. Was für mich zählt, ist der Spaß, der Zusammenhalt und die schöne Zeit, die ich mit meinem Team auf der Strecke verbringe. Ich lasse mich gerne von guter Laune anstecken. 🙂

Ich spreche fließend Deutsch, Russisch und Englisch und meine Leidenschaften sind der morgendliche Kaffee, ein packender Techno- oder Eurodance-Song (damit bekommt man mich immer) und gute Gespräche mit viel Humor.

Für mich ist Kommunikation im Team entscheidend. Ich glaube fest daran, dass wir Herausforderungen und Bedürfnisse offen ansprechen können und gemeinsam Lösungen finden werden. <3 Das Geschlecht meiner Teamkollegen spielt für mich keine Rolle.

Ein Hinweis: Ich übernehme einen Teil der Social-Media-Arbeit für das Tramprennen. Daher werde ich unterwegs Fotos und kleine Videos aufnehmen. Du musst natürlich nicht vor die Kamera, wenn du das nicht möchtest. 😀 Das Finden eines eines Lifts hat natürlich Vorrang 😉

Wenn du magst, kannst du mir gerne schreiben 015781548809 (WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal) 🙂


Hi, I'm Antonina, 29 years old. I study and work in Heidelberg. Last year, I participated in the hitchhiking race and gained a bit experiences. Winning the race isn't my main goal. For me, it's all about having fun, staying together and enjoying great times with my team on the road. I'm always up for good vibes and positivity. 🙂

I speak German, Russian, and English.I'm passionate about my morning coffee, a catchy Techno or Eurodance track (that always gets me), and conversations filled with humor.

For me, communication within the team is Important. I firmly believe that we can address challenges and needs openly and find solutions together. <3 The gender of my teammates doesn't matter to me.

One thing to note: I handle some of the social media for the hitchhiking race. So, I'll be taking photos and occasionally recording short clips during our journey. You don't have to be on camera if you're not comfortable with it, and finding a ride will always be our top priority. 😉

If you like, you can write to me at 015781548809 (WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal) 🙂

Message by: Malakai (2024-07-09 19:16:35)

Hey all!

My name is Malakai (25 he/him) and I\'m from the US but am currently living in Kempten, Germany where I work as a Mechanical Engineer. This will be my second year participating in the Tramprennen, it is an amazing experience and I am thrilled to take part. I have not much hitchhiking experience but a lot of travel experience and am excited to get after it! Other than English, I speak German, a bit of Spanish, and a very small amount of Arabic.

I am a very laid-back and easygoing person, I am not super worried about being the fastest and am more interested in seeing a lot of new places and meeting a lot of cool new people. I like to climb, run, ski, and do pretty much anything outdoors. Recently I\'ve been learning how to salsa dance.

Anyway, if it sounds like a good fit, I\'d be happy to chat.

My WhatsApp and Email are:

+49 15734586739


Or you can find me on Instagram:


Message by: Lars (2024-06-25 21:41:29)

Hello people,

I am Lars, a 29 years old enviromental engineer and living in Ulm. I already participated at the hitchhiking race 2019 and it was awesome. My hitchhiking skills are maybe rosty, but i would like to renew it. I can offer good coffee on the road and at the morning, but we would never start very early. Good coffee and time is for me more important than to win, but i would like to win.

I am looking for someone for having a good time while waiting and ejoying the travel. I don´t care about age or gender.

If you want to hitchhike with me contakt me on WhatsApp ( +49 17641930556 ) or e-mail ( larseckelweb.de ) in German or English.

Best Regards,


Message by: Marleen (2024-06-21 11:30:01)

Hi, my name is Marleen, I’m 27 years old, living in Magdeburg. This year will be my first time joining the hitchhiking race ? So I don’t have that much experience in hitchhiking except some short lifts on vacation. I don’t really need to win the race (but if you have ambitions, I can quickly become enthusiastic;)) I’m looking for someone who would like to have a good time while waiting, have some good conversations, enjoying the country and always have enough snacks. I guess friends would say I’m a relaxed person, spontaneous and flexible, always motivated for any sport session like yoga, volleyball, hiking and stuff.

If you think we could match, just write me to WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram – 01727043503 ?

Hope to see you soon!


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Message by: Philipp (2024-06-16 18:43:56)



We had huge problems with bots. Due to this, the page is password protected. If you want to register you need the following password: nennerpmarT. If you register with a gmail or googlemail adress you won't get our automated E-Mail.

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Message by: Max (2024-06-15 10:43:32)

----------------Team mate found-----------------

Hey there, I\'m Max from Germany (m/34).

This is my first Tramprennen and I\'m looking for a chill hitch mate. Age I don\'t care, ideally female-presenting cause I\'d prefer spending the race in a vehicle not standing at the side of the road with my beard-buddies - you know how it is! (Also joining a male-female team would work for me).

I\'ve hitchhiked before in South America. Spent a few months on the road, meeting people from all walks of life and making memories - great times! Then for some reason I never did it again. Huh. Stumbled over Tramprennen and realized what\'s been missing in my life.

I\'m not gonna push for a speed record. For me it\'s more about having a good time on the road and making new friends.

About me: I like lost places, swimming and books. I peel bananas from the bottom. I\'m a speech writer and work in civil protection. Lindy Hop is fun. Guinea pigs are neat.

I speak some rusty Spanish and if all else fails I\'m fluent in hands and feet too.

Was any of this helpful? Great! Let\'s chat and see if we click.


+49 1523 1065 799 (WA, Signal, Telegram)

Message by: Nico (2024-06-07 22:19:51)

Hey People!

If you’re still looking for a cis-male hitchhiking-comrade for this years tramprennen, you might be at the right place here:

I’m Nico, 31, living in Berlin, participating for the 6th time in this event and I guess one would consider me an open, rather extrovert person. The package deal with me among other things includes a lot of music, quite some experience in hitchhiking and quite some basic language skills for hitchhiking-smalltalks. Back in 2017 I also went to the Baltics with tramprennen. Besides that, I rarely say no to a drink with company, am an organized anarchist and would love to participate in a team with politically likeminded people or someone who enjoys discussing and philisophing around while waiting for the next lift.

I don’t have big ambitions to win, but might get into the racemode in the right setting - also I would prefer to be in a mix-gender team. If you feel like we could be a good team to hit the road for two weeks, hit me up anyway!

Contact me here: gro.nennerpmartnull@ocin

Looking forward to hearing from you (:



Message by: Chris (2024-06-05 06:27:39)

-----Teammate Found-----

Looking for hitchmate with at least one thumb.

Hi! I'm Chris, 34 years old, from the Netherlands. I've been hitchhiking since 2020 when I decided that travelling must be more exciting than sitting in a plane or bus waiting to arrive. Since than I\'ve hitched quite a bit around Europe.

Tramprennen has been on my bucket-list for a while,

I have no preference for male or female hitchmate. Also, I wouldn't mind teaming up with a novice hitchhiker.

I speak Dutch, English and German. Duolingo is still trying to teach me some Spanish.

Contact info:

WhatsApp: -----Teammate Found-----

Insta: Chris_reist_rond

Hitchwiki: chris9012

-----Teammate Found-----

Message by: Águeda (2023-08-11 07:33:03)

------ Teammate found-------

Hey everyone! My teammate can\\\'t come in the end also I\\\'m looking for one again!

I\\\'m Águeda, 20 (She/they) from Spain.

I have learnt about this a bit late but would love to find a team and join this year!

About me:

I love to make music and connect with people through deep conversations. I\\\'m always curious about the human mind and how the world works around me, and have a nerdy side for maths and programming (studying computer science).

I have travelled a lot solo, but now I\\\'m discovering the joy of exploring and spending time with cool people while on the road.

I\\\'m a pretty calm and open minded person, problem-solving mindset and my travel style is pretty relaxed. I don\\\'t need to win the race, I just want to have fun, meet cool people, discover places I\\\'ve never been before and enjoy!

I\\\'ve been travelling (hitchhiking most of the way) from Portugal to Finland in the last weeks, so I have some experience hitching but I\\\'m not really an expert.

Write me if you want to form a team!

+34 615280820 for Whatsapp/Signal/Call

Message by: Simon (2023-08-10 18:37:10)

Edit: Teammate found :))


I'm Simon from Leipzig, Germany. My big passion is hitchhiking. E.g. I hitchhiked till Iran and Gambia. But I've never taken part at a hitchhiking race. This could change this year 😍

Unfortunately I have important appointments in Leipzig on August 19th and 31st. Therefore:

I'm looking for a partner...

1. ...for whom it also fits well to start one day later (20th) from Germany.


2. ...who is willing to go with another team of two for about the first 1-2 days.

And in both cases who would join another team the last few days.

(I've already spoken to the organizers. This works out.)

In return I offer to be in the fastest team 😁 😉

Some more information about me:

I'm uncomplicated, adventurous and empathic. 36 years old, but my biological age is 21 - no joke 😀

I love good music, reading and enjoying the beauty of the nature. I like doing fitness, am fascinated by mysticism, am playing (Jazz) piano and I'm learning Farsi.

I wanna take risks, go outside of my comfort zone, think newly, be a life long learner and make mistakes 😀

If you are interested, I would be very happy if you contact me via Telegram or Whatsapp: +49 176-95270894

insta: smd_msd

Looking forward to hear from you! 😊

best regards


Message by: Eduard (2023-08-07 18:00:31)

Hallo 🙂

ich bin Eduard und suche eine*n Teammate. Aktuell studiere ich in Göttingen Medizin und habe vorher ein paar Jahre gearbeitet.

Ich habe eine 10-monatige Reise über Land von Deutschland nach Indien machen dürfen und war ein paar Monate mit dem Fahrrad am Rhein von NRW bis in die Schweiz unterwegs.

Alle Attribute die für solche Reisen nötig sind, bringe ich mit 😉

Per Anhalter war ich bisher nicht unterwegs, würde mich aber freuen, wenn jemand von euch Lust hat, mit mir im Team beim diesjährigem Tramprennen mitzumachen!

Sonst spreche ich noch Russisch und Englisch.

Wenn ihr grob das Gefühl habt, wir könnten gute Teammates werden, meldet euch:


LG Eduard

Message by: Max (2023-08-04 17:15:01)

edit: Teammate Found!

Hey Guys!

My name´s Max, 22 and I am maybe a bit late for this 😀

My initial teammate doesnt have time so now I´m here!

I have learnt about this last year through Hitchwiki and it´s being my main Way of travelling. I`d consider myself a pretty chill person who loves to make firiends, dance, do some crazy stuff, and hang out in nature.

I love to learn about the world and it´s people. There are so many great souls out there and I´m hoping that through this race I can find some more 😀 I don´t mind gender and any cool person is invited to join me on this last second quest!

Since last year I study film, but am also pretty strong on random factoids, scientific stuff, politics, hardcore dancing and more. People consider me a funny guy, although thats always up to taste and how comfortable I feel.

My contacts: +4915256112304

Insta: @__mxtsy

Message by: Isaac (2023-07-29 16:23:23)

EDIT: Teammate found 😉 - See you soon!

FREE FREEE FREEEEE Spanish lessons!

Hello everybody. I´m a guy from Girona (Catalonia / Spain), 32

Tom told me about this race when we met at CERN. It was 2y ago... This is gonna be my first Tramprennen (yes, newbie) and I was initally planning to join with a friend, but she can\'t make it :\'(

🙂 I wish I can find a non-male partner for this adventure 😀

About me: Mountain lover. I like to hang out and know about others´ interests. I´m curious and I want to left the world better of how I found it!

In October I´m planning to travel from Singapur back to Spain by bike, or alternatively, in South America

I can be persuasive (or that´s what I think) when it comes to hitchiking and I´m not shy, definetely not. I´m a always happy person that loves weissbier and I will bring a pair of Pois for the trip 😛

What else? Oh yes, my contact details:


@climb_alps (ig)

+34 649 3! 63 o5

Message by: Maja (2023-07-26 12:20:37)


I am looking for a partner (or two partners) for this year's tram race. I'm up for a little adventure and this is my first time in the race.

About me: I live in Berlin, I'm 25, I'm interested in psychology (and I'm studying it). In my free time I learn Russian and like to have city adventures. I write stories about other people's dreams, always have a small recording device with me and will do the same at the Hitchhiking Race 🙂 I have been hitchhiking a few times but I am not an expert yet, so I would be happy if my partner has a bit more experience. I'm up for some great encounters and people. I am pretty easy-going and can actually sleep almost anywhere.

Side Note: I have been to the Balkans twice and know my way around Serbia's countryside reasonably well.

This is my WhatsApp/Telegram number: +4915734683429

Maya (that's my name)

Message by: Henrik (2023-07-25 13:57:57)

Dear hitchmates.

My name is Henrik, male 38. And I've got a Swedish passport.

I'm looking to find one or two travel partners to form a team for my first tramprennen ever.

However, I've lived on the road on and off for over a decade now and hitched my way across Europe for the most part. But I've also crossed the US from East to West by thumbs up. Let's say this is what I do for a living, and I'm pretty good at it. I've got great navigation and negotiation skills and always bring several things with me to make everything much easier while on the road, including camping stuff if being stranded by a highway shoulder over night.

I'm very open minded and not searching for any specific travelers, male, female, experienced or non experienced doesn't matter.

If you're in please send me a message via WhatsApp and we'll show the world that this is the best way of travel.

WhatsApp +356 7943 8513

Text or call and we'll work something out.


Message by: Tim (2023-07-23 14:50:11)

Hello Folks!!

I´m Tim, 30 years old from Freiburg/southern Germany.

I participated in the race in 2016 and 2017. It was a long time ago, but damn, it was a lot of fun!

To be honest, im really bad in navigating, but we always did it and also with a good positioning. 😀

I think the goal isn´t to make the first place, it´s more about make some experiences, making friends, see a lot of nice places, enjoying a lot of delicious food and having a good time with the group.

I would say I´m open minded, open for fun and silly stuff or just chilling at the next stop to see where the next car/bus/truck/boat will take us.

Would be nice to hear from you.

Insta: mutakekatongole

WhatsApp: +4915228906252

Message by: Cedric (2023-07-21 12:29:26)

EDIT: Teammate found:)

You need a teammate, that is as dedicated as you to speedy hitchhiking?

You like to go to bed early and not drink beer so you can be the first to start and get the first ride?

You want a teammate, that is prepared for every situation and has a lot of useful stuff in his backpack?

Well then, I am sorry. All of the things listed I can\\\'t offer 🙁

My name is Cedric and I am currently doing my masters degree in urban and spatial planning in the beautiful city of Erfurt, Germany. I already participated in 2018, 2019 and 2022 in Tramprennen. It was a lot of fun and I made very good friends. I am 26 years old. I like bikes, politics and having a nice time with nice people during a nice Tramprennen 🙂

I am a really relaxed hitchhiker and I never wanted to be first. As long as I reach the destination I am happy. And if not, I will also be Happy. This doesn\'t mean that I am a bad hitchhiker. Often I started last and reached the daily destination 2nd or 3rd. Maybe because I can convince people bringing me to my destination. If you are cheeky enough, the people will mostly be very nice to you:)

Last time in 2022, me and my partner won the 2nd place overall.

If you think we will fit, just contact me and lets have a chat 🙂 Feel free to ask me anything!

You can contact me via. Phone/Whatsapp/Telegram/Signal: 017642035452

Btw I am of male gender so I am searching for a non male person. Or a male and a none male person. Or two non male persons. I am open for a team of three 🙂

Message by: Tom (2023-07-09 10:24:12)

Edit: Team mate found, see ya all in Vienna 🙂

Hi everyone 😉

I asked all my friends and unfortunately nobody has time to come with me to the race. So I\'m looking for a hitchmate here.

I\'ve already participated in the last two races in 2019 and 2022 which were a super nice experience. So let\'s do it again this year with such a nice finish location 😀 Btw, in my opinion the race is not about winning but about reaching the destination and enjoying the journey 😉 Also outside of Tramprennen I have a lot of hitchiking experience: I\'ve crosses Canada, experienced hitchhiking in Iran and had a good time in New Zealand (+ lots of other stories).

A few words about myself. I\'m 28 and I speak German & English fluently. Furthermore, I\'m learning French and Spanish. I\'m originally from Dresden, but live currently in Geneva where I do my PhD in particle physics at CERN. During the weekends I spend a lot of time in the mountains for all kinds of hiking, climbing, biking, mountaineering or camping. My holidays I usually spend exploring different countries and cultures.

Regarding the \'Hippiekacke\' I\'m a juggler and I\'ll bring my juggling balls. So if you ever wanted to learn how to juggle, we\'ll have enough time to practice at the side of the road.

Just shoot me a message on WhatsApp so we can chat and see if we\'d make a good team: +491748289138. And here you got my Instagram in case you want some more information about me: @teekay_44

Cheers, Tom

Message by: Matwej (2023-06-27 11:08:37)

Hey you,

im Matwej m24/germany, im looking for someone to hitchhike with. This will be my first time participating in Tramprennen, i really felt like hitchhiking this Summer and so came the opportunity, maybe i will feel more competetive during the race but rn its all about the Journey. I speak fluent german, english and some russian and i will have a chessboard and cards with me !

Preferably looking for someone female to hitchhike with

Contact me via Telegramm or WhatsApp: +49 1629819127

Message by: (2023-06-20 19:17:02)

Hello fellow Hitchhikers,

I\'m Kretsch (he/him) and I\'m in my thirties. I work as a child carer in a home in Leipzig and I\'d describe myself as a relaxed and patient person. I love writing, reading, and all things nerdy. I also have some outdoor and (hitch)hiking experience under my belt.

While I have never competed in a race like this before, I am eager to learn and excited to take on the challenge. I am easy to get along with and believe that making new friends and gaining new experiences along the journey is more important than winning the race.

You can contact me when interested anytime at ed.bewnull@evolsideenuoylwo. I\'ll send you my cell number in return.

Message by: Konrad (2023-06-19 15:07:07)

Hey there,

my name is Konrad and I'm 19 years old. Right now I am between school and studying. I am living near Berlin but my parents are moving to Switzerland soon and my grandparents are living near Vienna in case we want to charge our resources there.

I hitchhiked just a few times in Morocco, France and Germany. It always was a slow progress but I am absolutely exited to learn some new tips and tricks from you! I guess I won't be the first one arriving in Greece so I am just looking for fun with some nice people.

Just write me if you're still searing a buddy as well.

You can find me on WhatsApp and Telegram +4917686963326 or just call me.

E Mail: ed.bewnull@darnok.nhaj

Message by: (2023-05-14 15:21:48)

Hi everyone,

I am Yogi, 38 years old, from Berlin. I used to hitchhike before Corona as well as last year just a short hitchhiking trip within Germany and I would love to get on the road again! So cool that there is a hitchhiking event again! In everyday life I am working on my PhD in Berlin in the field of biotechnology. Lets get in touch and get to know each other by phone or video call or if you are also in Berlin, lets meet for a coffee! I am not using Whatsapp, but I have Telegram: t.me/Yogi_DE_B. Sometimes others can find me on Telegram, sometimes it doesnt work, dont know why.

Otherwise here my e-mail: ed.oetsopnull@irotasigoy

And here my Bewelcome profile: https://www.bewelcome.org/members/YogiSatori

Looking forward to hear from you 🙂


Message by: (2022-09-22 17:36:40)

Hi together,

I'm Marvin, 40 years old and from Germany. I work with legal stuff mostly, but I am a really relaxed and open-minded person you can have fun with. I am looking for one or two partners to form a team. I want to join the race since many years, but it never came to it. I hope in 2023 it will work out! 🙂

I am an experienced hitchhiker and I speak English, French, German, Dutch and a litte Spanish.

My email: ed.xmgnull@vramgnikihhctih. I am looking forward



Message by: Jun (2022-08-12 11:01:04)

Teammate Found.

Nachricht von:: Jun (2022-07-11 13:42:09)


My name is Jun (he/him). I am 31 years and am studying sustainable development in Basel.

I have a little past experience hitchhiking and would like to get into it more this time.

It would be nice to join one or two other people!

My email is benjicares at gmail dot com



Message by: (2022-08-08 16:30:08)

Hi everyone,

I’m a bit late to the party but I’d love to join the race if it’s still possible!

I’m hoping that whoever is reading this is still in dire need of a hitchhiking buddy as well. It would be awesome if we could form a team on such short notice!

I’m 32, male, and have hitchhiked on several occasions in the past. For example in Czechia, Slovakia, Bosnia, Scotland, Spain and Germany.

I would describe myself as very easy to get along with. Starting conversations with people from all walks of life comes naturally to me. I also don’t panic easily. So even if we were to get stuck somewhere during the race I would not despair.

Outside of hitchhiking I enjoy all sorts of things. Reading, writing, improvisational theatre, comedy, running, football, martial arts, climbing, and of course hanging out with my friends. I’m also always open to trying new things.

I better wrap up this post, because it’s getting long and I’m starting to realize that it sounds like a cover letter for a job 😀

Not intentionally of course, but I guess I’m just not used to writing these types of messages. You can rest assured that I’m more entertaining in real life.

If you wanna get in touch with me just reach out via Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal or whatever: 004915223077903. I’m sure it’s easier to get to know each other and discuss forming a team etc. on the phone.



Message by: Julia (2022-07-27 23:27:38)

Edit: found a teammate 🙂


I am Julez (she,her), 23 years old and ready to join tramprennen for the first time.

I hitchhiked in june from Scotland -> England -> Irland to France and then southern Germany. But it took me one month so do not expect to be the first one ;). So, obviously my priorities are not to be the fastest but to have great fun and an enjoying time for everybody. I can share my luck with you to get invited at peoples houses for the night.

I am looking for someone (male) or a team who are okay with starting two days later or where I can join you then at your point. However we can manage it I am flexible and looking forward to meet easy going people!

You can contact me via signal/whatsapp/telegram 0176 57870544



Message by: Katja (2022-07-26 22:16:40)

Update: found my team mate :))

Hello lovely people,

I\'m Katja, 33 years old from Nürnberg, social worker and I\'m looking for a non-female hitchmate or a team I can join.

This year\'s Tramprennen will be the 4th one I\'m participating, but I had a little break, my last one was 2016.

In my student years I used to hitchhike a lot besides of Tramprennen, especially in my erasmus year in Romania... nowadays it got a bit less, thanks to this adult working life and coroni 😛

I think I am a quite easygoing hitchhiking mate, as long as my burek/chips/non-beer-drink level is high enough 🙂 Anyway, eventually you always make it to the hitchhike finish, it\'s just unclear when you\'ll make it.

You can contact me on Signal or Telegram +4917678142538, mail schulte.katjes(at)gmail.com


I\'m happy to hear from you and we can get to know each other on a video call or meet in person if we\'re not living too far away from each other.

Message by: Izzy (2022-07-25 22:37:31)

Edit: found a teammate


my name is Izzy (she/her). I am 22 years old an live in Regensburg where I am currently studying biology.

I have already taken part in the race once and also hitchhiked in some other situations.

Because I love this kind of traveling so much, I would like to be part of it again this year.

It is more important for me to get to know new people and places than to be the first to arrive.

I might bring my ukulele, but I\'m pretty sure I\'d like to at least take my plant identification book with me.

It would be nice to find a person or two to form a team.


Message by: Frederik (2022-07-02 14:37:00)

Edit: found a teammate


I\'m Freddy (he/him), I\'m 28 years old and I live in Vienna. I am currently studying geography.

I already have hitchhiking experience both through the Tramprennen and otherwise. In 2017, 2018, and 2019 I have more or less successfully participated in the Tramprennen and would like to continue hitchhiking more stress-free and not too ambitiously although arriving at every meeting point is the goal!

My roommate would describe me as uncomplicated, easy-going, and open-minded.

I\'m looking for a non-male/flinta* hitchhiker or a team, so drop me a line (moc.liamgnull@2reredloD.kirederF) if you\'re interested.



Message by: Tessa (2022-06-27 17:05:42)

Edit: found a teammate!


I\\\'m Tessa (she/her), I live in southern Germany, I\\\'m 29 years old and I\\\'m studying Social and Cultural Anthropology in my Master\\\'s. So, now we come to the more important information:

Besides various other hitchhiking trips, this is going to be my fourth year of Tramprennen, the only thing I\\\'m still missing is a fellow hitchhiker or a team to join 🙂

So far I have never been one of the first teams to reach the meeting points, but I don\\\'t give up easily, waiting is part of hitchhiking so let\\\'s make the best put of it, I am sure we will find ways to entertain ourselves during waiting times and for the really difficult hours I will bring my juggling balls. I could also teach you the basics or learn new tricks if you are already a pro.

I am usually very talkative and enjoy talking and discussing very different topics. I speak German, Italian, English, and most importantly I don\\\'t care using hands, feet and mimic to explain people where we need to go.

I am fine hitchhiking either in a team of two or three people, so if you are interested just write me and then let\\\'s see: ti.oohaynull@noilacnarbasset

Message by: Jana (2022-06-15 09:53:43)

Update: I found my team


I'm Jana and 25 years old, from northern Germany. I'm looking for a male hichtmate to join the race together. Right now I'm studying biomathematics in Greifswald. I like the idea of Tramprennen since I heard about it one or two years ago but never competed because of Covid. I normally describe myself as 'I get where I want' but I only hitchhiked longer distances in New Zealand never in Europe or across an Autobahn. So this will be a new experience for me but I'll bring an optimisitc mindset and some silly jokes along with me. I'm enthusiastic and open minded.



Message by: Thaddäus (2019-08-05 10:54:36)

-- UPDATE: found my team--

Hey, everybody,

my name is Thaddäus from Schöneck Germany and I am looking for a team or a girl with whom I can participate in the Tramprennen. I\'m 18 years old and have just graduated from high school. Last summer I discovered my love of traveling when I hitchhiked from Linz to Vienna, then to Bratislava, Auschwitz and through the Czech Republic to Munich. As far as the hitchhiking itself is concerned, I have already had a lot of experience with my nearly 4000 hitchhiked kilometers.

I am a quite calm guy, open minded and easygoing .

I am a German native speaker, speak good English and am in the process of learning Spanish myself.

If you as a female person, or you as a team of 2 could imagine to take part in the tram race with me in the team, then please send me an e-mail to


Message by: Benedikt (2019-08-01 03:12:44)

Looking for a female co-traveler

Hi, my name is Benedikt and I am living in Zürich and I was already planning a hitchhike trip to Romania alone in August when googled and saw the the 2019 Tramprennen is also going there! How awesome is that! So let's not waste time, some lines about me. 35 yrs young, German and doing currently PhD in agronomy in Switzerland, My personality? I am serious and calm when it's appropriate, other than that, I will be the one who brings the dull joke everybody will laugh about 🙂

I speak German, English and French fluently.

Contact me if you are interested to form a last-minute team! +49151 23267242

Message by: (2019-07-31 11:37:00)

Hey everyone,

I am 29 and am American + German, I have been living in Sweden for a few years while finishing my master's, I have hitchhiked a bit almost every summer for a few years and on several continents. This Summer is different because I am about to start my PhD, so I thought why not mark it with my first ever hitchhiking race?

I tried to join a team a few years back but it fell through, although in 2015 I aided a TR team to a checkpoint

I research plastic waste (don't worry, I really don't care if you use straws or not) and 3D printing, and in my free time I run, climb and bike.

I can start wherever and really hope some of the routes go through countries I haven't been to (Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Moldova)!

I am usually pretty easy to get along with as long as I get refills on chocolate from gas stations (or so my Finnish hitchhiking buddy I traveled with for a few months has said).

I speak ok German. I understand 99% but have not spoken much for a while, I was raised having to attend German school every Saturday in the US.

I was bitten by a tick that didn't give me superpowers but gave me a rare red meat allergy instead (alpha gal). I manage it fine, but, just in case you're planning on someone to share all food with and you really need to have daily sausages...

I've got a hammock but no tent at the moment, plenty of other camping supplies though.

Whatsapp me: +(four six) 769126939

or find me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danja.mewes


Message by: Stefan (2019-07-26 01:21:46)

Hey everyone,

I'm Stefan, 19 years young and from Passau, in the southeast of Germany. I am looking for a female Teammate or a Team to join.

I want to join the race because I have heard only good about it and I want to try a new way of travelling.

About me: I'm a open minded person and I like to complete new challenges.

In my free time i play soccer (or other kinds of sport), go to lakes or ride my motorcyle.

I would prefer to start from Bad Grönenbach, but Görlitz is fine too.

Should you want to team up with me, send me a Message (4915902474952) on Whatsapp or you can find me on Facebook


I'm looking forward to your messages!


Message by: (2019-07-25 10:36:41)

Hey everyone 🙂

my name is Tugba (26) and I'm a female hitchhiker from Gelsenkirchen, Germany. I'm looking for a hitchhiking buddy to join the race.

I'm a humorous and easy-going person. I mostly hitchhiked in Europe, but in Morocco, Turkey and USA as well.

I don't mind where we start.

Here's my WhatsApp:


My email address:




Message by: Yvonne (2019-07-24 15:38:48)

Hi , ich suche noch einen Tramppartner der mit mir zusammen ein Team bilden kann .

Ich bin weiblich 39 Jahre aus Dresden .

Würde ab Görlitz starten.

Meldet euch gerne


Oder ed.oohaynull@ezteitennovy

Danke Yvonne

Message by: Martin (2019-07-24 06:12:34)

Hey everyone,

My name is Martin (21) and i live in Passau, in the southeast of Germany.

I took part in last years Tramprennen, it was an awesome experience and i want to participate this year too so I'm searching for a female Teammate or a Team to join.

About me: I'm an open minded person, i love to travel and seeing new things, thats why hitchhiking is the perfect way to to travel for me.

In my free time i like to do sports, hang out with friends and go on music festivals, also i can juggle, so I will bring my juggling balls in case we get bored.

I would prefer to start from Bad Grönenbach, but Görlitz is fine too.

If you are interested in teaming up with me, just pm me on fb https://www.facebook.com/noname.ha or whatsapp +4915112927319

Looking forward to hear from you 🙂


Message by: Ute (2019-07-22 12:10:32)

++++ FOUND SOMEONE 🙂 ++++


I am Ute, 29 years old and live in Berlin. My brother used to take part in the last two tramp races, but I didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t have time, this year I have, but he doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t - so I am looking for a male partner or a male and female partner so I can finally take part at Tramprennen yeeeaahhh!!!

I did some travelling (Turkey, Balkan, Spain, Australia) and hitch hiking, but I am definitely not a pro, my English is quiet good though 😉 I can speak some Spanish and Turkish, but really just couple of words. I\\\\\\\'m a very relaxed person, open-minded, funny, crazy about animals and music, like to drink beers and talk about life, going to concerts and read. I\\\\\\\'m really looking forward to have a good time with my hitch kiking mate, to see the Balkan states again and finally to visit Rumania!

I am really looking forward to hear from you, I wanna do this!!! I can start where you want to 😉

See you,


Message by: Marion (2019-07-22 10:40:00)

// Update : I found someone! 🙂 //

Hey there!

My name is Marion, I’m 22, I used to live in Paris during the past three years but I’m about to move to Madrid next year, where I’ll finish my Master’s degree in museology and history of art with the ERASMUS program 🙂

I’ve had a wonderful time last summer hitchhiking with a friend from Paris to Krakow and then on to a Balkanic music festival: we’ve met many creative and kind souls on the way, everything was unexpected and magical! I love this very improvised way of travelling and meeting people. On our way to Poland, we spent a night in Görlitz’s great experimental camping that one of our drivers of the day had told us about. So when I saw that one road of this year’s Tramprennen was starting from Görlitz, I knew I had to join the race!

I’m then looking for a male hitch-partner to live the Tramprennen adventure together! I’m a curious and spontaneous person (sometimes even a bit crazy, but in a good way!), I love travelling and discovering new things (well maybe it wasn’t necessary to say that, I guess this is the reason why we’re all willing to be part of Tramprennen) 😉 I speak French, English and Spanish fluently, and I’ll bring my jew’s harp with me to make a bit of music in case we get stuck somewhere with no rides for a while!

So if you want to create crazy songs or elaborate choreographies on the side of the road with me, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! Here’s my Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marion.roy.94, and my Whatsapp : +33642842130

PS : I’m not sure yet about the starting point I’ll choose, I can adapt, I’d like to see Görlitz again but I’d also be up to discover Bavaria, where I’ve never been to yet!

Can\'t wait to hear from you 🙂



Message by: Karl (2019-07-20 20:54:09)


I´m Karl (22) from Düsseldorf.

I participated in 2016 and 2017 and was already registered in last years race but i had to save the Hambacher Forst (of course not on my own).

So in 2019 i really got the tramprennen fever again and i am looking forward to have once again a beautiful time with all of you.

But i need one or two hitchmates because all of my people are lazy or on vacation.

Please text me via facebook or phone

I am a very open-minded guy and i love romania. An extra plus is that i study sociology, so i can discuss with you about everything and not change anything (but at least i am trying)




Message by: Frederick (2019-07-19 18:22:29)


I am Frederick (31) and I live close to Frankfurt am Main. I am easy going and open minded, I love to travel, be in nature and explore the earth and myself. Also I am always in search of new interesting people and conversations, different ways of life, cultures, food and music.

In 2017 I already was part of the race. I did it accompanied by a dog and it was so much fun. This time I don\\\'t have the dog with me. So I am searching for a female hitch-mate or an already existing team.

I have a lot of hitchhiking and camping experience. So if you are a beginner, don\\\'t worry. We will definitely make it to Transylvania 🙂

I am open where to start from but I prefer to start from Bad Grönenbach.

If your interested, just contact me on fb (facebook.com/fr3m0) or Whatsapp (oo49 157719o9oo1). I am looking forward to your message.



Message by: qamran (2019-07-16 21:57:23)

Hello again everyone

I find myself here again as my teammate decided to team up with someone else 😀 . So i am back to looking for someone to make a team with.I have been in this race in 2017 and 2015. I m easy going fun loving open minded person( you know put in all the adjectives people use 😀 its easier to know me personally) so If interested drop in a mesage at https://www.facebook.com/qamran.shahzad or +491608157456



Message by: Julia (2019-07-15 11:06:31)

Hello, I am Julia, 23 years old and living in Hamburg since some years 🙂

Since I couldnt participate the last time,

I can finally take part this year - yeah!

So I am now searching for a hitchmate or a team.

I have heard only good about the Tramprennen of some friends. Can't wait to finally start in some weeks. I also like the idea of this event - having fun at tramping, seeing new country's and meeting new people, but also doing something good by collecting money for sea watch at the same time.

I speak English and I'm learning some Italian. Maybe I am also going to Italy for a longer time in the next year. We will see 🙂

In my holidays I like traveling, camping and so on. Just seeing more of the world.

In the summer you also often find me at festivals like Wutzrock, Wilwarin and some more.

I would like to start a Görlitz.

Text me @Telegram or whatsapp 0160 98289429. See you soon! Julia 🙂

Message by: Katharina (2019-06-19 22:02:22)


my name is Katha, I`m 27 years old and I live in Augsburg, Bavaria :).

Two month ago, I met a really nice couple. As we talked about our holiday experience they told about this hitch hiking race and all of the wonderful time they had. That was the moment I decided to join the race this year ... so now I'm here and searching for a male teammate :).

About me: I`m a open minded person who likes to try something new. Traveling means to met new people, gain new experience and enjoy the time. I traveled to different country's in the past but I never did hitch hiking. Now I want to change this 🙂

So if you would like to team up with me you can contact me on whatsapp +4915773915018 or facebook: Katharina Nisseler (https://www.facebook.com/katharina.nisseler)

Hope to see hear from you soon 🙂


P.S. I would like to start from Bad Grönenbach 😉

Message by: Martin (2019-06-17 14:21:10)


my name is Martin, I am 24 years old and I live in Offenbach. I study in Frankfurt (sociology and philosophy) and I am looking for a team for this years tramprennen. I already participated the last two years and I love the event, since I love being on the round and traveling around hitchhiking and camping, I dont like staying in one fixed place on holiday, so this event just fits perfectly. In my free time I love to watch football, listen to music and hang out having a beer or other cold drink. I love going to festivals (preferably heavy metal), so I always have my camping equipment in order. I would describe myself as an experienced hitchhiker, my longest trip so far has been hitchhiking from Frankfurt to Istanbul and back. If someone is interested in forming a team together, please contact me via email: ed.xmgnull@490132sreffihcsnitram.

P.S. I would like to start from Görlitz 😉

Message by: (2019-06-13 21:17:02)

Hello everyone,

my name is Constantin.

My hobbies are traveling, hiking, couchsurfing, meeting people and last but not least hitchhiking. : )

Last Friday I hitchhiked from Stuttgart to Ingostadt. At a resting area I met a guy who was on the "Walz".

He put his thumb out when a police car drove by. Unfortunately they did't offer a lift to us 😉 But a couple from Belgium got curious and offered us a ride for 200 km. Switching cars in Munich just took me 5 minutes. The next ride was with an Austrian couple on the way to Frankfurt.

That's why I love hitchhiking so much, because you never know what will happen. At the end you meet the coolest people and the adventure never ends like you imagined before.

I am a flexible traveler from Stuttgart who likes to enjoy life and talk with everyone. : )

If you are a female and look for a hitchhiking buddy with medium knowledge please call or write me.

My facebook: https://www.facebook.com/constantin.ferdinand.9

Whatsapp: +4915151926215

Looking forward to a great hitchhiking experience.


Message by: (2018-12-07 14:10:24)

Hey es betrifft jetzt nicht das Tramprennen aber ich bin n echter Hippie Typ und wollte demnächst nach Marokko runter trampen weil's mit hier zu kalt wird! Ich trampe von Hamburg los und freue mich über jeden der bock hat mit zu kommen! ich bin Student!

Grüßle Nickel

Message by: Kai (2018-08-10 00:28:48)

Still valid ...

Hello hitch-hikers out there. My name is Kai (yes, a man) and I am from South of Germany. I am looking for a team or a female hitchmate to join the Tramprennen 2018.

I am experienced in hitch-hiking only in my region but I always pick up hitch-hikers along the road everywhere in Europe no matter if I am on the way privately or jobwise. I am always open for new things and this summer I want to do something new I haven't done before. I think I am able to improvise in most cases and I like to act flexibly and spontaneously. I always like to meet new people and new areas. Furthermore I enjoy travelling and being on the road. Generally I think I am lively, adventurous and in love with life - mostly with a sense of humour.

You can call me: +4915259776239. Thanks and bye - Kai.

PS: Je parle aussi un peu francais mais pire q'anglais. Pero hablo solamente un poco espagnol. Aber deutsch und individuell-improvisierte Zeichensprache gehen klar ...

Anyhow, thumbs up!

Message by: Yasmin (2018-07-30 21:30:50)


Hello Hello!

Ich bin Yasmin, 22 und bin noch kurzfristig auf der Suche nach einem Teampartner oder einem Team, die noch Leute suchen.

Aktuell wohne ich in Hamburg, daher wärs nice, wenn du (ihr) auch aus Hamburg startet. Alles andere wäre aber auch okay, bin da flexibel.

Ich würde mich als offen, humorvoll und aufgeschlossen beschreiben und habe richtig Lust, dieses Jahr das erste Mal beim Tramprennen dabei zu sein.

Schreibt mir gerne bei WhatsApp: 01578 968 9267


Message by: Zoe (2018-07-30 20:47:15)

Hi all,

We're two 19 year old girls from England Zoe and Ella. We still need to find a guy to join our hitch team. We're outgoing, adventurous and love to have a laugh. We have a little experience hitch hiking in Malaysia and England. If you still need a team mate too hit us up.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zoe.dickinson.566


email: moc.liamgnull@nesredepsnamoralle

Message by: Hanoch (2018-07-27 00:13:58)

Hi Hanoch here from the Netherlands.

Im also still looking for a team. Three is a magic. number so if u can complete me in your duo then i would be happy so!

I speak dutxh spanish english and german a bit .

Mostly I like to sing along the road and make everyone smile .

My contact watsapp 0031616991390

Facebook :,hanoch busch

Message by: Dimitri (2018-07-26 18:00:40)

Hey folks,

this is Dimitri from Babka takes a break.

Yeah, we will not have a regular start this year, since Anne and me are a bit busy and in other places..., but I will try to uphold the spirit, by starting a bit earlier and doing the first week of the Tramprennen on the Balkans, starting in Bulgaria and seeing spots I've always wanted to visit, going backwards. We would arrive a week early in Bosnia, since I need to continue on and be in Belgium by 25th. If you would like to join, welcome. This is for people who really really cannot make it to the race otherwise anyway! Everybody else team up with your lovely groups. We shall not be too strict and the only condition for you is you make the hitchhiking easier. Take an example from Daniel last year. He was the cuter one and we got picked up immediately. More details on the route soon, but it shall not be too easy. :-)) Contact me via SMS at +4917681191313

Message by: (2018-07-26 14:41:41)


I'm Tinne and I am quite last minute looking for a male hitchmate.

A little more about me: I'm a 24 y/o student from Antwerp (Belgium). My friends would describe me as an easygoing, kind person who is always in for some spontaneous shenanigans. I enjoy nature, photography, reading...

I only have little experience with hitchhiking, but I have traveled quite a lot. I speak English, Dutch, French (rusty though) and a little bit of German. Being from Belgium, I'd prefer to start in Germany.

Should you want to team up with me, send me an email (moc.kooltuonull@maetnennerpmart) so we can have a chat.

I'm looking forward to your messages!


Message by: Martin (2018-07-25 14:12:37)

Hey Leute,

ich heiße Martin bin noch auf der Suche nach einer weiblichen Tramppartnerin oder einem Team.

Kurz zu mir:

Ich bin 20 Jahre alt und ein lustiger, bisschen verrückter Mensch. 😉

Wenn du dir vorstellen könntest mit mir zu trampen,

dann melde dich bei fb: https://www.facebook.com/noname.ha

oder Whatsapp +4915112927319

Ich freue mich auf euch,


Message by: Jan Martin (2018-07-24 18:50:05)

Moin zusammen,

Wo sind all die weiblichen Tramperinnen hin?

Hat noch jemand Lust einen Hamburger Wikinger mitzunehmen oder mit mir ein spontanes Team zu starten.

Dann melde dich doch bei

01602224657 - Jan

Es wäre wirklich schade, nicht auch dieses Jahr dabei zu sein 🙂

Message by: Passi (2018-07-24 16:14:20)

Hi Girls,

the same here! Haven´t found a female hitchmate, either.

Unfortunately some things were developing quite well but then broke up and so I am standing here alone again.

Perhaps some of u guys are interested in building a team with three people.

Nether the less I would like to build a team somehow. So just read my description below and if you are interested to create a new team or just have some place left in your already existing one- just let me know.

Would be awesome ! And by the way based on some experience, which i´ve made... you are quite as fast with three people as with two...believe me;) SOOO just write me:) I am looking forward. Cheers your Pascal

Message by: (2018-07-24 14:36:22)

Hey travelers,

Just a bit last minute but: I would like to join the 2018 race to Bosnia but I didn't find somebody yet who would like to hitchhike as well.

However, I'm Lukas from Hamburg, Germany and this would be also my preferred place to start 😀

I study something like Online Journalism currently in Cologne and I love to travel and also to hitchhike. There are already a few countries like Ireland, Canada and Germany on my hitchhiking-experience list so it would be okay if you don't have that much experience yet.

Because it's hard for me to describe myself you may have a look in one or two of my several couchsurfing references: https://www.couchsurfing.com/people/lukasge

Would be nice if we are able to build a team for the race 🙂 You may contact me via couchsurfing or mail ed.enilno-tnull@eg.ul



Message by: (2018-07-17 21:06:51)

Found somebody. We'll meet in Erfurt or at least in Bosnia! Have fun!

Message by: Raoul (2018-07-17 17:39:17)

Hey ihr Tramper,

Ich bin Raoul (23) aus Berlin und habe mega Bock dieses Jahr wieder mitzumachen !! Letztes Mal hat mich überzeugt.

Ich bin ein offener kontaktfreudiger Mensch und genieße es ohne große Ansprüche zu reisen.

Wenn sich noch ein zwei Leute finden die mit mir trampen wollen wär das natürlich verdammt geil!!

Für genauere Informationen meldet euch doch einfach bei Facebook (Raoul Storch) oder per Telefon (017624242209)

Message by: (2018-07-04 22:17:53)


my Name is Raphael I´m looking forward to Tramprennen only half of the time is still missing. So just write me an Email when you want to check out if it is a good idea to join.

About me:


From Germany

Deutsch English Portuges [&wild gestikulieren (hat schon oft gewirkt)]


Regular Dude (more or less, well I hitch hike^^ creasy shit )

I love Brazil and speak some Portuguese.

I have tramping expirence mainly arround Europe but also afrika and South Amerika, I truely prefeur asking over tumping.

So interested? send me an Email to moc.liamgnull@mosmsit and we have a talk. Or you use what’s app/telegram 0049 160 98732638

Schöne Grüße ich freu mich von euch zu höhren

Message by: (2018-06-30 14:27:09)


My name is Lucian(30), fell in love with the idea of the game the moment I picked-up a few contestants a few years ago. I told myself I am going to do this but unfortunately I don\'t have a team.

I am easy going, creative, passionate about photography and willing to share food and a good time.

I am a Physical Therapist if that makes any difference 🙂

Contact me under: +0040748839090 (whatsapp) IG: Lucian.Vandor

Message by: (2018-06-20 23:07:47)

Hallo liebe Tramper!

meine Name ist Kevin. Von einer Freundin habe ich vom Tramprennen erfahren und finde das Konzept so genial. Ich bin 22, studiere in Regensburg Medizin (1 Hilfe Kasten wird natürlich eingepackt xD) und bräuchte noch eine Partnerin die genauso viel Lust auf dieses Abenteuer hat wie ich.

Getrampt habe ich bisher nur in Chile, sodass ich mich auf europäisches Trampen freue 🙂

meine E-Mail: ed.kooltuonull@69mal.niveK


Kevin Lam

Message by: Aljoscha (2018-06-19 14:54:51)


I would really like to join the race this year since I have already heard a lot of great stories about this adventure. Therefore, I search for a female hitchhiker (or a group) who wants to build up a team with me.

About me: I am 25 years old and I live in Göttingen to do my master degree. I am from Germany but I have already lived in India, Indonesia and Mexico. So I really like to discover new places and doing sports 🙂

So if you would like to participate in the race as well, feel free to contact me to get to know eachother:

WhattsApp or Telegram: 0176 97875601

I am looking forward to a fantastic Tramprennen 2018 🙂

Best wishes,


Message by: Robbe (2018-06-17 21:21:11)

Heeey Hitchhikers!

My name is Robbe and I live in Belgium (Flanders). I'm only 20 years old, but I already have a great experience in Hitchhiking. I'm a youth leader in a youth movement for nature and the environment. I loooove meeting new people, see the world, watch animals, listen to music, travelling...

But... I don't have a teammate for Tramprennen 2018. So if you are a girl, who loves hitchhiking and loves nature? Contact me and we make it the best 2 weeks! 🙂

On mail: moc.liamtohnull@01loocebbor

On facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robbecoale

Over and out,


Message by: siawash (2017-09-29 11:12:31)


Ich heiße Siawash 24 jahre alt und komme aus dem Iran und seit zwei Jahren wohne in Wuppertal.. kann bisschen deutsch sprechen.. ich habe schon mal in Iran getrampt. manchmal alleine manchmal mit Gruppe und suche grade auf ein tolle Gruppe dass man mit trampen kann.. und Freundschaft 🙂

freut mich zu neue Beziehungen und Reisen

Whatsapp: +49 162 8564447

Message by: Stefanie (2017-08-16 23:28:16)

Hey guys,

I am Stefanie, 24, from Germany and I would love to join a team for this race! I do not have any hitch hiking experiences but I love to travel and find new ways to get to places :). So far I went to South-East Asia, Australia, India and Guatemala.

So, if you would like to have another person in your team please let me know :).


Message by: (2017-08-16 13:47:35)


ich weiß, dass das Tramprennen schon diesen Freitag startet, aber ich dachte vielleicht findet sich noch ein Team, das mich auf den letzten Drücker mitnimmt. 😉 Der Startort ist mir dabei egal.

Zu meiner Person:

Ich bin Oskar (19) aus der Nähe von Braunschweig, angehender Student. Ich hab schon etwas Tramperfahrung in Neuseeland gesammelt und würde aber dieses Jahr zum ersten Mal am Rennen teilnehmen. Ich kann fließend Polnisch sprechen, was auf den diesjährigen Routen ins Baltikum bestimmt von großem Vorteil ist. 😉 Ich bin ein aufgeschlossener, gesprächiger Typ, der euch sicherlich zum Sieg verhelfen wird, 🙂

Also wenn ihr Bock habt mich Nachzügler aufzunehmen, dann gebt mir einfach bescheid, zu dritt reist es sich bestimmt besser 😀

0152 2777 3627 (am besten über whatsapp)


Liebe Grüße,


Message by: (2017-07-26 22:02:43)


Wir sind Seppel (22) und Tobi (21) wollen dieses Jahr das erste mal am Rennen teilnehmen.

Allerdings sind wir noch auf der Suche nach einer Tramppartnerin um unser Team zu vervollständigen. Wir sind zwei entspannte, gesprächige Typen und würden uns eher bei den Optimisten dieser Welt einordnen. (:

Vielleicht hast du ja Lust dich uns anzuschließen und mit uns die schönsten Rastplätze Mittel und Osteuropas zu erkunden und 2 schöne Wochen mit uns zu verbringen.

Vielleicht rufst du ja einfach mal durch oder schreibst uns eine Nachricht und dann schauen wir mal wie alles so passt (:

Erreichen kannst du uns über

017632876479 oder moc.liamgnull@soldnusuarnemuad

Liebe Grüße

Tobi und Seppel

Message by: Lisa (2017-07-17 14:20:55)

Hallo ihr Lieben,

Ich bin Lisa und suche nach einem pder zwei Teampartnern/ Teampartnerinnen.

Ich werde leider nur ab Erfurt starten können, weil ich vorher dort in der Nähe noch auf ein Festival gehe!

Nun zu mir: ich bin 21, studiere in Köln und liebe das Reisen. Kleinere Teamperfahrungen bringe ich mit, jedoch bin ich Tramprennenneuling 😉 Ich würde mich selbst als unkompliziert beschreiben, mit stets guter Laune und großer Neugier auf neue Länder und Erfahrungen! Englisch sollte bei mir kein Problem darstellen, ein paar Brocken Spanisch und Französisch sollte ich auch noch können (nach dem Weg fragen sollte klar gehen 😉 )

Wenn Ihr Lust habt, mit mir in einem Team gegen die anderen anzutreten, schreibt mir eine Nachricht unter 0049 176 81572991 oder unter der Mailadresse moc.liamgnull@ordeuhcs, dann können wir uns kennen lernen.

Wir sehen uns beim Tramprennen

Message by: Daniel (2017-07-15 19:02:14)

Hello Everyone,

I'm Daniel (24), looking for a female Hitchmate for this year's race. I will be your moderately experienced, but highly motivated and completely laid-back hitchpartner.

After some long and work-filled months, I finished my masters degree and can't wait to start off the adventure! I speak German,English and poor French. I like hikes in the woods,windy days, my favourite colour is red.

I live in Leipzig, so I'd prefer Erfurt as starting point, but I don't really care. 🙂

Hit me up,

moc.liamgnull@hcsublnd or

0049 1523 777 4124



Message by: (2017-07-12 15:36:12)

Hi to you,

I `m Christina (28) from Detmold (Germany) and searching for a nice male hitchmate to join the race!

This time it will be my first to join this race and i am excited and curius about all the adventures we will make. I love bumbling through diffrent places, citys, nature, just experience cultures, come in contact with the people. By now i got a few experiences in tramping (last summer along the algrave in portugal), was amazing.

Most of the time i`m a chilling and openhearted friendly person 😉

Yeah, i know, my english is not the best by now, but it will improve 😉 I normally i speak german and got a few words french, too.

If you are interested, just contact me, my mail is


Would be happy to write a little bit or phone, so we get to know one another, to got a feeling for if it will work good together 😀

Thanks, Christina

Message by: Fabian (2017-07-08 01:21:17)

Hallo ihr abenteuerlustigen Menschenfreunde!

ich bin Fabian, 25 Jahre, Student in Freiburg und kann es kaum erwarten nach einem Jahr Uni-Bank drücken endlich wieder den Daumen in den Wind zu strecken und abzuwarten, was das Leben für einen bereit hält.

Bisher bin ich ein bisschen in Neuseeland, Australien und Asien getrampt und hatte viele tolle Erfahrungen und Gespräche. Da ich nun auch die Länder in der Nähe meiner Heimat erkunden möchte, freue ich mich riesig diese ganz besondere Erfahrung des kulturellen Austauschs in Europa zu machen.

Meine Mitmenschen beschreiben mich als unkompliziert, offen, pragmatisch und als jemanden, mit dem man gut und lange Gespräche führen kann (Könnte von Vorteil sein wenn man im Nirgendwo standet 😀 ).

Da das Regelwerk gemischte Teams vorschreibt suche ich eine witzige, abenteuerlustige, fröhliche, positive Mithitchhikerin 😉 (oder auch zwei 😉 )

Scheut euch nicht mir zu schreiben und die Fragen zu stellen, die euch interessieren.

Ich hoffe von euch zu hören.

Viele Grüße


email: (moc.liamgnull@700naipav)

PS: I don't mind talking English as well - and if you can speak Spanish - even better 🙂

Message by: Sven (2017-07-05 16:47:47)

Hallo Tramprennen 🙂

Ich bin Sven aus Berlin und nachdem ich letztes Jahr aufgrund einer Verletzung aussetzen müsste würde ich gerne wieder mitmachen

Ich bin 33 Jahre alt und trampe immer mal wieder 🙂

Ich liebe das reisen und das kennenlernen neuer Kulturen. Ich bevorzuge guenstiges reisen und campen aber das ist beim Tramprennen normalerweise auch gegeben 😉

Wuerde mich freuen von euch zu hoeren.

Meine e-mail ist moc.liamgnull@lleork.nevS

PS I speak also English

Message by: Bjoern (2017-07-04 20:50:15)


I'm Björn (20, Student) from Bremen, Germany. I already hitchhiked through Asia and Australia but this would be my first time participating at a Hitchhiking race. So, I'm still looking for team mates (female, male) who wanna join in 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you and especially sharing some great stories this Summer

Cheers Björn

You can reach me under:



Message by: (2017-06-25 14:08:15)


i'm Sergej, 34, looking for a female hitch mate. I am from Germany and i'd love to join the race. Being of russian origin, i fluently speak russian, which could be an asset in eastern Europe.

Feel free to PM me


Message by: Georgina (2017-06-25 11:02:34)


Im Georgie, 25 years old and looking for a Male hitch mate to join me for the race??

Get in contact if you need a hitch buddy!


Thanks 🙂

Georgie x

Message by: Stephan (2017-06-22 17:49:08)

Hey Folks

I'm Stephan (21) form Germany and I would like to join the race.

Sooooo I'm looking for a Female hitchmate that wants to join me. 🙂

Although this is my first race and I might not be the most experienced long distance hiker of all time, but I Hitchhiked through Germany and England for quite some times.

I am a pretty uncomplicated, open and happy guy who is always looking for fun and adventure.

So, do you want to join?

Just let me know!


Cheers Stephan

Message by: (2017-06-22 16:11:39)

Yooooh what's up ?

I'm Alexis, 22 years old from Grenoble, France.

It will be my first Tramprennen and i'm looking for one or two funny people to share with me this adventure !

I have been hitchhiking a lot those past 2 years so i'm used to the unusual and the unexpected !

Cheers !

If you'd like to team up just send me an email: moc.liamgnull@sixelatacrem

PS: German people get extrapoints so i can improve my german

Message by: Lotte (2017-06-18 12:08:10)


we are Meret (21) and Lotte(23) from Leipzig and we would really like to join the race this summer 🙂

We would like to share this adventrue we other open-minded people from all over the world.

If you are intrested to join our team, don´t hesitate to contact us (ed.rocranull@72alol)!

See you soon

P.S.We have no preferences for the starting point

Message by: (2017-06-17 15:07:59)

Servus liebe Tramprennen-Gemeinde,

mein Name ist Matthias, ich bin 24 Jahre alt und komme aus Bayern. Bisher habe ich nur verzweifelte Tramper auf Autobahnraststätten aufgegabelt, jetzt will ich selber den Daumen bei Nieselregen in den Wind halten. Ich bin stubenrein und kann auch schon auf meinen Hinterpfoten stehen, werd aber bei Katzen nervös und fang zu bellen an. :/

Am liebsten würde ich aus Erfurt starten, wenn es nicht anders geht aus Lüneburg oder Kiel.

Wenn sich jemand für mich erbarmt schreibt mir hier:


PS: English speakers are welcome too 🙂

Message by: Nadine (2017-06-13 18:23:06)


Ich bin Nadine, 29 Jahre alt, und suche noch einen Partner fürs Tramprennen 2017.

Habe noch nicht viel Tramperfahrung, aber das will ich jetzt nachholen. 🙂 Ich bin aufgeschlossen, unkompliziert und teamfähig. Also wenn du/ihr noch eine Frau für euer Team braucht, meldet euch bei mir: moc.liamelgoognull@enidan.redam

Message by: Livia (2017-06-13 01:29:59)


I'm Livia, from Brazil. I'm traveling around Europe this year and I would love to join the race. I don't have a lot of experience with hitchhiking but I've done some, and I can be competitive, what I think might help with the newbie insecurity. 🙂 I'm trying to improve my skills now in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

So if you need a girl for your team, please get in touch.



Message by: (2017-05-23 08:37:43)

Jemand Lusten mit mir fürs Sommertramprennen zu starten? 🙂


Message by: Julia (2017-04-11 18:00:58)

Hey hey Leute,

ich suche noch nach wem, der zum Ostertrampen um Samstag von Berlin aus starten will!

Meldet euch!

xx Julia


Message by: Christian (2017-04-10 14:16:33)

Hey, hat jemand Lust am Oster-Tramprennen teilzunehmen und startet in Kiel oder aus der Nähe?

Ich bin bisher allein, mit einer/m anderen oder zwei machts mehr Laune..!

Hab bei den letzten beiden Tramprennen nach Albanien/Bulgarien mitgemacht!

Meldet euch gerne, sonst bis zum Ziel 🙂 Gruß Chris

01778238834 / ed.sounull@uahllabc

Message by: Niklas (2016-08-17 08:57:34)

Hey girls!!

I know... The tramprennen starts in 3 days and its quite late to look for a hitchmate but if you (a very spontaneous girl) still desperatly want to join the race so please contact me! If you are reading this massage and you are not sure to join the tramprennen: Dont worry! Its gonna be big fun!

About me: My name is Niklas, I am a 24 years old guy from Kiel and hitchhiked several times in spain for short

Not a Pro but neither a greenhorn.

So if you want to take the route from Leutkirch leave me a massage.

You definitly wont regret your decision because you will join a happy guy who is always looking for fun and adventour.

Cheers, niklas

My phone number: 0157-80803905

Mail: moc.liamelgoognull@leik.sreblasalkin

Message by: Sabine (2016-08-02 22:15:45)

Hello everybody!

Making LAST-MINUTE decisions is my favorite thing and maybe that´s why I missed the official registration!...buuut, hell yeah, it is still possible! 😀

So if there is still someone who wants to be part of that game then please let me know!


Some facts about me: my name is Sabine, I am 25 years old and from eastern Austria! I´m not really a hitchhiking-pro but I have already tramped in Portugal. That was just for short distances, maybe that’s why I missed all the crazy hike-stories! But I think it´s time to change that!

So if you want to take the route from Innsbruck, share the backseat with me, catch some nice lifts together, meet hilarious people, listen to weird stories, dance, meditate, laugh or do some other crazy shit while we are waiting for a lift than contact me and feel free to ask me anything! ?



Message by: Leo (2016-07-30 09:42:36)

Hey there!

I'm looking for a female travel buddy to joing Tramprennen from Halle Saale hitchhiking towards Bulgaria. I'm born in Brazil and speak 4-ish languages, but maybe none of them will be useful in east Europe - so if you speak any of the languages spoken there it could be useful (but it isn't a must, we can always figure out with body language communicating with the drivers).

I'm quite experienced in hitchhiking and free camping. Since December (when I quit my job in Denmark for traveling) I've been hitchhiking around Brazil and Europe (mostly Northern Europe this time, but I've been hitchhiking through Western Europe too).

If you have hitchhiked before that's a plus too =) So let me know if we could make a team maybe!


- Facebook: www.facebook.com/hitchhikingleocarona

- Email: moc.liamgnull@enoeloicnoel

Message by: (2016-07-29 11:10:05)




Liebe Reisende,

es gibt in diesem Jahr erstmalig eine freie Route, außer Konkurenz. Wir wollen in sechs (optional sieben) Etappen im selben Zeitraum wie das legendäre Tramprennen, in Tsigov Chark ankommen.

Es werden jedoch keine Punkte gesammelt und die Teams können frei gestaltet werden - das heißt es gibt keine Geschlechterregelung und es KANN jeder einzeln anreisen, Teams finden sich vor Ort.

Wir starten ebenfalls in Halle.

Schaut's euch an!! 🙂

Frage? : ed.bewnull@RennepmarT



Dear travelers

this year for the first time, we are going to have a free route – out of any competition. We want to travel in six (possibly seven) stages to arrive in Tsigov Chark the same day as the legendary tramp race.

There will be no collection of scores and the teams can be entirely free, meaning that there will be no rule concerning the sex of the participants and that you can arrive alone if you want to. Teams will be created on the ground. We will also start in Halle.

Come and have a look!! 🙂

Questions? : ed.bewnull@RennepmarT



coucou les voyageurs,

cette année il y aura pour la première fois une route complètement libre et hors concurrence. On veut voyager en six (ou sept) étapes pour arriver ensemble avec la course d\'auto-stop légendaire à Tsigov Chark.

Mais il n'y aura pas de collection de points et les groupes peuvent se créer entièrement libres. C'est à dire qu'il n'y aura pas de règlements en ce-qui concerne le sexe des participants. Vous pouvez venir seuls, les groupes se créeront sur place. On commencera aussi à Halle.

Venez voir!! 🙂

des questions? :ed.bewnull@RennepmarT



Message by: Lilit (2016-07-27 14:31:01)

Hi there beautiful people!

I'm Lilit, 21 year old girl from Serbia. With nothing to hold me back for last few months I want to travel as much as I can.

I love and study photography, I love blogging, digital marketing. I also love listening to peoples stories and going to/making parties. You can see me often with unicorn headband throwing around glitter and I can do your face pain whenever.

I hitchkiked a lot but only through Serbia, like every week for few days for last half a year. I volunteered on most Serbian music festival, volunteered in AIESEC for a year and a half. I'm planning for my road to start on 11th august, so I first Hitchike to Germany, after I finish volunteering on Love Fest in Serbia.

My friend just realised that he can't make it to Tramprennen and I'm wanting to go on this for a last year.

If you want a human pretty unicorn to join you - feel free to talk to me.

+381 64 0932645 viber/whatsapp

https://www.facebook.com/lilithejl Facebook


Message by: (2016-07-24 13:19:49)

Hi out there,

my name is Luna, from Hamburg (Germany) and as a female person I am looking for a male hitchhiker, who wants to spend some great weeks on the road to Bulgaria.

I am not that experienced in hitchhiking, but I am excited about that trip, getting to know some new places of Europe and meeting new people.

So, do you want to join? Let me know!



Message by: Simona (2016-07-23 00:41:23)


My friend Lea (21) and I (Simona, also 21) are looking for a (male) hitchmate for this years Tramprennen. We decided that it's finally time for us to pack our bags, gather some courage and just participating in this awesome race!

Since we've never really been hitchhiking before, we're looking for someone who eighter knows what he's doing or someone who is willing to just figure it out with us 🙂

Having fun(!!), getting to know new ppl and places and just enjoying ourselfs is definetely our main goal!

If u'd like to join us, please mail us: ed.liamtohnull@mis.anomis

We're looking forward to hearing from u!!


PS: We're from Vienna, so we also speak german; and I'm originally from Serbia so I speak serbian/bosnian/croatian. And since we're planning to take the rout that starts from Innsbruck and goes through Croatia, a nativ speaker might just come in handy 😉

Message by: Eneko (2016-07-22 22:22:01)

Hi people,

I\'m Eneko, from Bilbao (Spain), I\'m 20 years old (just finished 3rd year at uni) and I\'m looking for someone to hitchhike with or a team to join on the race this year.

Although this is my first race, I do have some hitchhiking experience, but I have never done a multi-day trip. I\'m not too serious about the race and would rather have lots of fun than win.

Anyway, let me know if you\'re interested at se.otsuedneponull@zurc.okene or (0034)649728311.

Message by: (2016-07-12 01:05:39)

Hello hitchhikers!

I'm Richard (or Rich or Richie if you prefer), from Northern England. Looking for someone to join me on the race this year. I'm 20 years old (but apparently look a lot older, it's probably the beard!) and just left a job in accounting in Edinburgh to travel more, and this seems like a perfect opportunity to meet lots of new people and have fun.

I'll be honest, I don't have much hitchhiking experience at all, just one journey in France that I had to make because of a train strike, it really tested my ability to speak French but I had a great experience and am looking forward to hitching again.

I am a pretty competitive guy and would love to win, but would not let that get in the way of having fun, meeting new people is the best part of any trip, and while I'm not that experienced in hitchhiking, I have done solo trips to France, Ireland, Sweden and the Balkans/Central Europe and had a brilliant time on those.

I'm a tall guy, with rugby and playing the guitar being my main hobbies. I love to have a laugh and joke around, and love trying local foods/drinks whilst I'm on the road, what's the point of travelling if you don't soak in the culture!

You can contact me at moc.liamgnull@69renniksdrahcir



Message by: Katja (2016-07-09 18:01:08)

Ahoi dear hitchhikers,

I'm Katja (27) from Nürnberg and I'm looking for a teampartner although I'm still not sure about if I will join the hippie route 😛

I already joined tramprennen 2014 and 2015 and in the last years I made several thousands of km through europe (and very few km in uruguay) with my thumb,

Right now i'm finishing my social work studies, so I'm really looking forward to hit the road again after some awful months behind the desk and work.

I guess I'm pretty relaxed, I'm not too serious about the race, but also happy after a lucky hitchhiking day with a good score. Most likely I would celebrate that with a good (or bad quality) bottle of wine.

And my goal for this year, is to get a ukulele and to learn some songs for hitchhiking and evening entertainment.

feel free to contact me and ask me anything you want to know 🙂

i will be happy to hit the road with you!

my contact is: moc.liamelgoognull@sejtak.etluhcs or +49 17678142538



Message by: (2016-07-09 14:18:24)

Hello fellow hitchhikers!

I'm Georgi from Bulgaria, and I'm looking for a team to join or other people who still don't have team and want to take part this year. I'm 27 years old, I do graphic design, also loving music and playing guitar. I have positive attitude toward road and life in general and usually I'm pretty low-maintenance.

My hitchhiking experience is mainly in my homeland Bulgaria (which is another reason to have me in your team for the final part which ends there 😉 )

travelling every year for the last 10 years at least once from one end of the country to the other, and also many other smaller destinations. I've traveled also abroad in 2015 from Amsterdam to Vienna, so this I think was one of the coolest experiences I had in the west!

You can contact me via email: moc.liamgnull@8voktevstigroeg

and ask me anything you want to know more about me!

Will be happy to share the road experience with one of you guys/girls!

See ya!

Message by: (2016-06-29 14:27:31)

Hello everyone!

I'm Luca (25) and me and my friend Oscar (25) can't wait to hit the road again this summer with Tramprennen 2016! We're looking for a girl to join our team and race all the way to Tsigov Chark!

We're both from the Netherlands and have competed in TR in 2012, 2013 and 2015. We love the race for the fun, the adventure, the cool people and the amazing places we visit!

So do you want to hoard cardboard, stretch thumbs, drink beer and scorch some asphalt with us? Or do you want to know some more about us? Contact us!


Message by: Charlotte (2016-06-26 17:07:20)

Hey traveler!

My name is Charly and I am a girl from Germany, looking for a trampbuddy.

I already have some experience with tramping and love the cultural exchance just like beeing spontaneuos, which mostly ends in a great adventure.

I am an open-minded, sports-loving and creative person. If you are not, no problem! We will come along if you just are interested in other perspectives and open for a nice chat. 🙂

My mail: ed.xmgnull@ettolrahc.rham

My phone: +49 157 50717 480

PS: I am travelling in norway for the next 6 weeks (from the 29.6.), so respect it may took a bit longer for me answer. 🙂

Message by: (2016-06-09 19:33:07)

Hey !

Im Tobi, 20 years old from the little \"Rock am Ring-town\" Mendig in Germany.

After a year abroad in Canada Im back home and going to start studying in October.

I have never hitchhiked in Europe before, but I tramped in March and April with a friend through Canada the US.

Im looking for a hitchmate (m/f) who is not taking the race too seriously and willing see as much as possible on the road 🙂 which doesnt mean that I want to be the last to finish!

Im very excited about this great event.

Feel free to contact me 🙂


+49 15252005690

Message by: Tony (2016-06-08 09:53:48)

For everyone who is still looking for a hitchmate check this upcoming event


see you at the party

Message by: Len (2016-06-06 12:30:09)

Hi there,

My name is Len, 30 years from Antwerp, Belgium.

I have some experience hitchhiking in Europe and really love it. I hitchhike since 2011 and made several international trips like Antwerp to Istanbul and Antwerp to Moscow and back.

For now, I am planning to go to Asia by hitchhiking and this race will be the start of the trip. It will be the first time I participate in such a project. Very excited 🙂

Now, I do not mind hitchhiking as a male male couple. It seems the organisers prefer female male couples, so I am looking for a female compagnion.

Find me on FB as Lenny Patrickson or WA with # +32 474 124 800. You can write in English, Dutch, French, German or Italian.

See you soon at the race 😉


Message by: (2016-05-24 17:51:57)


nach verschiedenen Erzählungen und Dokus habe ich mich entschloßen dieses Jahr zum ersten Mal beim Tramprennen mitzumachen.

Meine Tramperfahrung ist vorhanden, allerdings begrenzt, ich hoffe sie dieses Jahr erweitern zu können.

Zu meiner Person:

Ich heiße Karl, bin 19 Jahre alt und studiere Grundschullehramt.

Aktuell wohne ich in Düsseldorf.

Sollten 1-2 Personen( weibl.männl.) Interesse haben mit mir jede Menge Spaß zu haben und Erfahrungen zu sammeln meldet euch doch bitte.

Hey guys,

after some researches and stories I am really looking forward to gain my own experiences at the Tramprennen this year.

My hitchhiking experiences are little but I hope I´m able to gain a lot ot it during summer.

Some facts about myself:

My name is Karl, I´m 19-years-old,studying to become a primary-school teacher and I am living in Düsseldorf right now.

If one or two people are interested(of course female/male) in gaining a massive experience and having a lot of fun this summer, feel free to contact me.






+49 157 58354510

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