Tramprennen 2014 is over! This year 133 participants hitchhiked from Würzburg in Germany all the way to the wonderful Lake Ohrid in Macedonia. A big “whoop whoop” for every single car that stopped to bring all these amazing people step by step closer to our final destination. In total all teams managed to hitchhike more than 2500km on five different routes in six stages. Our backpacks are packed with countless hitchhiking stories, our cameras are loaded with funkylicious hippie pictures and the sun tanned our skin, while standing along the roadside lifting our thumbs to get the next ride and with it the next story to tell. Big thanks to everybody for the unforgettable time and special thanks to all donors for more than 9000€ for the WASH-project of Viva con Agua in India!
Still in the hitchhiking fever? Check out the ranking and see who was fastest or read the liveticker to empathize with your favorite team. Also, our donation counter is still opened and we are eager to reach the 10.000€ for Viva con Agua.

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Donation Counter
Donation Counter

Recent Sponsors

Dani sponsored Die Funky Däneutschen with 5 Euros

Andi sponsored TRAMPERAMENT with 100 Euros

Snakes on a Car sponsored Klaus und die Kangaroos with 10 Euros

<3 sponsored Funky Monkeys with 10 Euros

ohridistüberall sponsored Die Drei von der Tankstelle with 30 Euros

Whoop Whoop Leutepeople

Do you know what a Throatie is?

The Throatie is a revolutionary fundraising tool, invented just for Tramprennen 2014: if you gaze your eyes upon the three sexylicious men on the picture, You will both see the beauty and practicality of the Throaties.

If you donate 20Euros minimum to a team with a beardwearing member, this member will have to shave thmselves a hitchalicious Throatie.

to do this, just write “Throatie” in the commentary field, and enjoy the beauty that will appear!


Tramprennen is an annual hitchhiking race in which over 100 go-getters hit the road using their thumbs. The competition takes you through Europe and during the two weeks scheduled for the race there’s plenty of room for spontaneity and discovering different cultures, both within the race and in the ever changing settings of the race.
 Competing with old and new friends on who can beat who, and what that person then has to do, are funkylicious activities that everybody can enjoy, but the race is so much more than just a fun and friendly competition. It’s not just about passing through the places as fast as possible, but also taking the time to meet different people with an open mind and discover a new culture together. It’s an opportunity to promote such funktastic values as: friendship, intercultural exchange, social engagement and obviously the sweet, sweet art of hitchhiking.