Overview for 2016:

Teams joining Tramprennen: 42

=> Participants joining the race: 95

All Teams in registration process for Tramprennen: 57

=> All Participants in registration process for the race: 128

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Donation Counter
Donations for Viva con Agua & PRO ASYL

TeamSponsors: 28, TeamOwner: 2

Recent donors

Maurits sponsored Unausgeschlafen und hungrig! with 15 Euros

jannik sponsored Unausgeschlafen und hungrig! with 10 Euros

undercover supporter sponsored undercover unterwegs with 100 Euros

Mihnea sponsored Hipsteractive Hitchtodlers with 5 Euros

Herr Taschenbier sponsored Didi Vorfahren with 5 Euros

Christmas Gathering sponsored Nordisch by nature with 20 Euros

Philipp sponsored Solidarische Trampwirtschaft with 10 Euros

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Tramprennen is an annual hitchhiking race in which over 100 go-getters hit the road using their thumbs. The competition takes you through Europe and during the two weeks scheduled for the race there’s plenty of room for spontaneity and discovering different cultures, both within the race and in the ever changing settings of the race.
 Competing with old and new friends on who can beat who, and what that person then has to do, are funkylicious activities that everybody can enjoy, but the race is so much more than just a fun and friendly competition. It’s not just about passing through the places as fast as possible, but also taking the time to meet different people with an open mind and discover a new culture together. It’s an opportunity to promote such funktastic values as: friendship, intercultural exchange, social engagement and obviously the sweet, sweet art of hitchhiking.