What’s Tramprennen?

Tramprennen is an annual two-week hitchhiking event that has been taking place in August each year since 2008, where between 50 and 150 adventurous individuals travel across Europe solely relying on the power of their thumbs. The event is primarily organized by people who first experienced Tramprennen as participants and then caught the bug, wanting to be part of it. The essence of Tramprennen can be described by three core aspects.

The race

Anyone who has hitchhiked before knows the amazing experiences that this form of travel brings. But it becomes even more incredible when you are no longer standing alone on the roadside, but alongside many other people who share the same goal and want to be faster than you.

Meeting new people, relax & other

Tramprennen is, to a large extent, also a group journey, offering plenty of opportunities for community and self-organization. At the same time, it promotes cultural exchange and encounters. We aim to wander through the regions with open eyes and ears, listen to others’ stories, engage in conversations, and be open to new experiences. Lastly, Tramprennen also represents a space for vacation and relaxation.

Political stance & fundraising

Tramprennen takes a clear stance against any form of discrimination! This is important to us in how we interact with all the people participating in the race in different roles. Moreover, during the race, we collect donations and strive to raise awareness for social projects and organizations whose goals we share.

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And how does it work?

Tramprennen operates in a similar style to Tour de France. Over six stages, participants progressively hitchhike towards the final destination.

Race and racing days

On hitchhiking days, teams hitchhike to the next stage destination. Each stage is designed to be completed within a day.

Time inbetween, rest and buffer days

After each hitchhiking day, there is a rest day where participants spend time with other race participants and wait for teams that may not have arrived on the first day. Additionally, there are two flexible buffer days. Therefore, a minimum of two nights is spent at each location.


Before, during, and after the race, all participants strive to collect as many donations as possible for the organization we support.


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Tramprennen 2024: Save the date!

Hi, Friends! The date for the upcoming tramprennen this year is released so safe the date! We‘ll see you in the Baltic’s from 16th of August to the 30th of August. Informations about starting locations etc. will be coming as soon as possible! Cheers!

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