Registration and before the race

What do I need to register a team?

You need at least one hitchmate from the opposite gender of yours, since all teams have to be mixed. After you registered your team on the website, you’ll receive an email with all the necessary information (waiver form, bank account data to pay the hitchpackage, etc.)

Why are there more than one starting cities to choose from?

The first Tramprennen in 2008 started with only one route and through the years they became more and more, due to the raising number of participants.

More routes mean more starting points. Simple as that. We try to set two routes per starting point. Your exact route will be drawn to you by chance at the starting point.

To keep the whole thing even more interesting we will only announce the detailed routes at the evening before the race right at the starting points. Anyways, both routes will meet again some stages later.

Some things can be assured:  all routes go through villages as well as big cities and finish on the same day at our final destination!!

If you need more information about the countries we’re going through due to Visa issues, let us know!

When does registration for Tramprennen 2019 end?

Registration will end  on July, 31st.

Why does my team need to be mixed?

Because we made the experience that Tramprennen makes more fun this way!

What’s the story behind the waiver?

Every participant is responsible for himself, also during the race. By sending us the signed waiver back, you confirm you’re aware of that and you take part at your own risk. We can’t and do not want to be responsible for any harm or damage during the race.

Where to send the waiver to?

Every participant is responsible for himself, also during the race. By sending us the signed waiver back, you confirm you’re aware of that and you take part at your own risk. We can’t and do not want to be responsible for any harm or damage during the race.

Why do I have to order the hitchpackage?

When the hitchpackage was introduced, we noticed in the end that everybody wanted one. To make it easier for everyone, we decided to make it part of the race and improved it with plenty of fun and useful stuff. Each racer gets his*her hitchpackage for 25 EUR. It contains Edding-Markers, the Tramprennen-2019-shirt, stickers and more! Believe us, it’s worth it!

My hitchmate dropped out? What to do?

You can unsubscribe from the race – or better search for a new hitchmate! Check the Hitchmate-Xchange page or contact us and we’ll try to find a solution! :)

When do we get the Hitchpackages?

You will get your hitchpackages on the premeeting (August 16th) at the starting points.

The race itself

When does Tramprennen 2019 take place?

Friday, 16th of August to Saturday, 31th of September 2019. The premeetings at the respective starting points will be in the evening of August, 16th. More information concerning the premeetings will follow via mail.

How many routes do we have?

There are 4 planned routes. According to the number of registered participants, it will be decided after registration stop,  how many of the routes will actually take place. Each route will consist of a maximum of 10 teams.

Free route

!!Will be updated shortly!!

Which rules apply on the free route?

The rules of the Tramprennen and the codex apply on the free route. The special race-rules will not apply on the free route.

How do I sign up for the free route?

Starting June 1st you can sign up on our homepage. You can sign up as team of 2 to 3 person. In the case you don’t have a partner to register as a team you can check our hitchmate x-change site and in the worst case just write us a email (gro.nennerpmartnull@ofni) and we will find a solution. After you signed up, you will get an e-mail with all the important Information (bank details, waiver, etc.)

Do I have to hitchhike in mixed teams on the free route?

Yes, also on the free route you have to travel in mixed teams but you can mix the teams every new day.

How are the destinations for the stages determined?

Every stage will be fixed the evening before by a plenum and majority vote. The next day everyone travels to the agreed destination. You should avoid to travel with another route permanently.

Can I win the Tramprennen on the free route?

No, the free route takes place outside of the race-mode, thus you can’t collect points

Can I use the liveticker?


Do I get a hitch-package?


Where is the final destination of Tramprennen 2019?

This years final destination will be Romania close to the city of Cluj-Napoca. eThe exact destination we’ll tell you at the pre-meetings.

How does the race mode function?

The race is split into 6 successive stages, each of them taking us closer to the final destination and planned to last more or less one day. But we’re not in a rush. At the stopover cities, we spend at least one day off of the race, just to relax, enjoy time between the teams or just wait for unlucky hitchhikers who got stuck on the road (even if we all know it has absolutely nothing to do with luck!).

What are days off and buffer days?

After each stage, there’s a day off to relax, share time with other teams of your route, explore the surroundings or eventually wait for hitchhikers stuck on the way. Additionally there are two buffer days your route can decide to use anytime before reaching the final destination. They allow you to have a longer rest and enjoy a bit more a place you find really special. But only two, because we all want to arrieve on the same day at the final destination!

Where can I find the complete rules of the Tramprennen race?

The rules of the race are published on our website.

How does the point system work?

Tramprennen uses a point system to rank the teams like in many sports competitions: teams are awarded points for each stage upon the rank in finishing the stage. From first team to last one, distributed points are: 20, 17, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. If a team doesn’t reach the spot according to the race rules, they don’t get any point for this stage. When a team helps another one with hitchhiking (for example ask their driver to stop to pick up another team standing on the road), the route decides to give them an extra fair play point. Additional to this you can earn extra points for special actions with your route and with your team on the road.

In the end, the team with the highest score in his route wins the route and the overall highest score wins the race. Easy, isn’t?

What is the Liveticker?

The Liveticker is a handy cool feature to easily inform your friends, family and team sponsors about ongoing stuff from the race. Every team can send messages, images and locations directly to the Tramprennen website. All messages are instantly published on the liveticker page.

Where do I sleep during the race?

It’s up to you and your route! In the previous years we slept on playgrounds, beaches, public parks, underground garages, hostels, farms… Some even managed to get invited to a starred hotel! Usually we do not plan in advance and rely mostly on spontaneity and teamwork; just as hitchhiking it is working the best! ;)
 Act responsible, be grateful!

Who organizes the way back home?

Everyone has to take care of their way back home by themself. If you’re not sure yet how, don’t worry and be happy; there will be a bunch of people with the same question around you and most probably you’ll team up with others to hitchhike on or home.
As the race also promotes non conventional ways of traveling, we discourage using the plane.  But as we said, it’s up to you!

Everything you always wanted to know about Tramprennen but were afraid to ask

Who is organizing the Tramprennen?

Just a group of furious hitchhikers who believe in Hippiekacke (something like hippy shit, no?). Check the about us page. And by the way, curiosity killed the cat!

When did Tramprennen take place for the first time?

The first “real” Tramprennen took place in 2008. For more information check the History part!

Do you earn money with Tramprennen?

All the organizers have a lot of fun organizing Tramprennen and are freely volunteering. Furthermore, we try to give money as little role as possible for the race, but can’t totally do without it. Check the about us section for further details.