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How far would you go to win a stage?

The question is: How far would we go to loose a stage?

What shouldn't be missing in your hitchhiking-backpack?

Music, water, beer! A lot of beer! Here's what the Hitchhikers Guide to Transilvania says about beer: "Beer is an essence of live! If you hitchhike, you have to make sure to always carry beer with you! Otherwise it's dangerous because Dracula loves the blood of people who are sober"

Your Grandma's opinion:

Don't drink and drive; drink and hitchhike.

You are ...

... hobby-hitchhikers

How do you imagine your final arrival to Bontida?


Max (28)
Jana (23)

After we finally reached our goal last year, when we hitchhiked as a team of three, we want to prove to you, the world, the universe and ourselves that we can do it in a team of two.

Last Place: it's still a race!

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