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Two weeks through Europe by thumb. Why?

why not?

Why should a lift take us along?

Because we rule the world and share this experience with anyone who wants to be part of it...

Our best Autostop-experience so far

Entering the heart of Mia´s family with our glorious team spirit! :) Liebe Grüße an "Mama und Papa in Blumenthal"!

Our goal for the race

Fun, Fun, Fun!

For a Donation we would...

...Basic needs!!! (- sometimes it seems like people forget what a basic need is-) that any living being should have full access to and a shame for the human race that this is not made possible at all! Let´s go get our thumbs ready: Two weeks we are going on the dirty roads and love to be part of this wonderful thing named HITCHHIKING RACE FOR DRINKING WATER!!!

max (34)
Mia (33)
Anna-Lena (33)

Current Race Rank: 36
Current Route Rank: 10

Beer on Ice, yoga mattress and bathing rope: This summer we are going to kick ur asses- WELLNESS STYLE! Its gonna be a threesome this year: Hitchhiking icon Freiherr Maximilian von Wiewardernamenochma is attended by his two tremendously charming blondies Mia and Anna. We are celebrating our passion for deeply relaxed hitchhiking... We are going to wait for you thumb suckers at Lake Ohrid.... let the race begin!

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max, Mia, Anna-Lena

Wednesday, August 20th 15:12

Gestern ein Geiles dorffest in vertesacsa abgefeiert,jetzt sitzen wir tot aber gluecklich in nem bus richtung szeged!


max, Mia, Anna-Lena

Tuesday, August 19th 13:32

Best party ever in hungary, with a lot of palinka and froetsch.special thanks to gaby and robert!


max, Mia, Anna-Lena

Tuesday, August 19th 13:29

n muelltonnen und holt 3 packungen eis raus.auftritt team wellnessurlaub:beide teams stehen eisloeffelnd an der tanke.gelungenes fruehstueck!


max, Mia, Anna-Lena

Tuesday, August 19th 13:29

Szene an der tankstelle. Auftritt tankwartin: schiebt einen einkaufswagen voll mit eis raus zu den muelltonnen.auftritt team luftballon-attacke:geht zu de

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