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Two weeks through Europe by thumb. Why?

Why not? :D It is just great to hitchhike through different countries where you get to know so many people. I like that combination of hitchhiking and donating money for social projects.

Why should a lift take us along?

Being interested in the driver's life stories. We wanna get to know them and wanna have a good conversation.

Our best Autostop-experience so far


Our goal for the race

Fun, Fun, Fun!

For a Donation we would...


Tom (32)
Marie- Luise (29)

Current Race Rank: 7
Current Route Rank: 2

The team members are: Marie Luise from Halle and Tom from Saarbrücken.

Both are experienced in hitchhiking, but never ever hitchhiked together: The team is a brandnew composition.

We are just expecting lots of fun, nice people, great landscapes and interesting cultures.

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Tom, Marie- Luise

Monday, August 18th 12:47

langsam geht's richtung brno. kilometer um kilometer, aber es scheint die sonne! was wollen wir mehr... team mato

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