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Two weeks through Europe by thumb. Why?

I have a passion for travelling and having new experiences, the tramprennen will take me to places I've never been before and will get me to meet many people I'm sure. I like to be spontaneous and just see where we will get, hitch-hiking always gives a great kind of uncertain feeling and I want to have it all the time. Besides all of this, I'd just like to see nice nature and get into countries that are still strange to me.

Why should a lift take us along?

We are happy people, with loads of good stories and we can give the driver a pleasant talk during his own journey, and if the driver likes smiling people he will be well rewarded.

Our best Autostop-experience so far

My best hitchhiking experience was this summer, me and another friend went hitchhiking from Amsterdam to the Glastonbury festival in south-east England. We passed through Belgium and France on the way and met many amazing people. However some parts were too hard to get a ride on time, but we finally managed to get there on time.

Our goal for the race

Reach the destination. Participation is everything!

For a Donation we would...


angelo (28)
Hannah (29)

Current Race Rank: 42
Current Route Rank: 8

We are a half german/half dutch team and we have never met eachother. But our spirit for travelling already makes it clear we would have a great hitchhiking experience. Our goal is not to win the competition but to reach the destination and have as much fun and interesting experiences along the way, but we wouldn't mind winning either. Let's do this shit and have an amazing trip :)

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Amstel & Augustiner

angelo, Hannah

Wednesday, August 20th 18:14

Die letzten werden die zweiten sein! Team amstel&augustiner arrived at the second place! Hippiekacke

Amstel & Augustiner

angelo, Hannah

Wednesday, August 20th 13:49

Amstel&Augustiner is on the way to pecs now! See you there guys! :)

Amstel & Augustiner

angelo, Hannah

Wednesday, August 20th 10:11

Amstel&augustiner are on the road again.Got our first lift! Hippiekacke

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