Die Flodders feat. Ivoslove

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Two weeks through Europe by thumb. Why?


Why should a lift take us along?

blöde Frage

Our best Autostop-experience so far

We picked up 27 hitchhikers in 10 days and one Pony :)

Our goal for the race

Win it! What else???

For a Donation we would...

Make you some Knödel, give you some karate battle hitchhiking lessons, drink 10 beers with you, write you a postcard, repair your car, bicycle and try my best on scooters, help you with your garden (Bilo), give you physio therapy treatment( Lea will do that=) let you ride on Peter Pony...

bilo (33)
Lea (29)

Current Race Rank: 65
Current Route Rank: 10

Knödel Robocrab Lea fusioniert mit Karate Bilo. Super Peter Pony (vieleicht) und die Couch trampen auch mit. Wir schlafen gern aus...

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Die Flodders feat. Ivoslove

bilo, Lea

Saturday, August 22nd 13:26

Flodders ballern nach pestbuda. Hurra die welt geht unter! Wir singen im atomschutzbunker. Wie toll mit hitchpaket. Swag off

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