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Camera, The Dharma Bums

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Our grandmas don't know... otherwise we won't be here

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... bloody beginners

How do you imagine your final arrival in Tsigov Chark?

DRUNK. Crawling and dancing

Petra (27)
Federico (27)

Current Race Rank: 42
Current Route Rank: 9

Petra&Panciu, 2 master students from Italy based in Bonn. Tramprennen, why not? After couchsurfing we were searching for more extreme experiences .D

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Petra, Federico

Thursday, September 1st 8:44

Directly on the way to Pazardzik. :D Thirty km away from the destination! With four in a truck...whoop whoop


Petra, Federico

Tuesday, August 30th 11:37

5 minutes lift and we are at the border :D Bulgaria here we come!


Petra, Federico

Tuesday, August 23rd 16:58

Buffer Day is made for drinkers! Enjoying beer for 90 Cent in Kosice :)


Petra, Federico

Monday, August 22nd 14:22

Near to the border it's time for a beer to order! :D

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