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How far would you go to win a stage?

Not as far as walking across the serbian border again (Jana) Walking across the serbian border again (Max)

What shouldn't be missing in your hitchhiking-backpack?


Your Grandma's opinion:

Not even surprised anymore

You are ...

... hobby-hitchhikers

How do you imagine your final arrival to Udënisht?

Triumphant, because we reached our mysterious goal.

Jana (26)
Max (31)

As a team that is almost part of the inventory of the Tramprennen, we have finally achieved our goal of making the last place in 2019. Years of disorientation and emptiness followed. Now it is clear: it goes on, but how? You ask yourselves, we ask ourselves. We cannot (yet) answer this question, which has become one of the most pressing for humanity.

The answer will be given to you, and in the best case, to us, at Lake Ohrid at the latest.

Fasten your seatbelts, be excited and get ready to congratulate us on reaching our mysterious goal!

(Profile picture: acurrate representation of our main activities at tramprennen.)

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