Sticker Contest 2019

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs always, we want to mark our journey this summer with wonderful sticker. So if you want to find your sticker design at the best European gas stations and hitchhiking spots start photoshopping!

More specific information:

  • Format doesn’t really matter… but some standard format (e.g. round or quadratic) would be nice. Otherwise you are completely free.
  • Send your design as a picture format (jpg, png, etc.) via mail to gro.nennerpmartnull@kxilef
  • You have time until July 14th starting now!
  • We will choose the best sticker design by posting all designs on our facebook-page and count the likes.

No more questions? Nice just get started! And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

By the way, have you already signed up for this years Tramprennen? No? Well now is the time! Sign up here.

Tramprennen 2019 Let’s get started!

Tramprennen 2018 Beispiel1Yeah! Finally the best hitchhiking race of the world is getting closer. Starting now you can sign up for Tramprennen 2019! We will close the registration at the end of July! So now it’s your job to tell your favorite travel-buddies and sign up as a team here.

It’s still a race!

You can’t wait to hitchhike? As a competition even better? You still want to support a wonderful NGO and see new places in Europe?
Perfect! You’re just right at the Tramprennen. But let’s stop the advertising…

If you want to know how all this hitchhiking-race exactly works read the following points:

–          Depending on the final number of participants, there will be different routes leading to Bontida in Romania.

–          On each route there will be round about 10 teams

–          Each route consists of 6 stages, that will lead to the final destination over the 2 weeks.

–          After each stage there will be a day-off, on which you can check out local sights, experience the culture or relax your tired thumb.

–          Depending on your rank at each stage you will be awarded with points.

–          Finally, the team with the most points wins the race. YEHAAW.

Sounds fairly easy, right!?
If you have some questions regarding the racemode anyhow. Just write us at: info or take a look in our FAQs.

The Free Route

This year there will be yet again a free route at Tramprennen. The free route will start in Görlitz and poses as an alternative to the classic racing routes. It is freer and relies on less rules, demands on the other hand from its participants to engage in more and open discussions with the other participants. Also, the ability to compromise and open mindedness is needed. To find out more read the following summary of the free route:

The free route differs in following points from the racing routes:

  • there will be no set stages
  • the stages will be set by the participants of the free route and will be decided democratically (you see there will be a lot of discussion and compromise here)
  • There will be an alternative ranking system
  • The biggest difference though: The teams will be switched on every stage, even though you have to run through the process of the online registration. On the last stage however you will hitchhike with your team, that you signed up with

For the free route you should bring with you:

  • spontaneity
  • willingness to compromise and to follow the group’s decision
  • joy of getting to know new people and hitchhike with (so far) unknown partners
  • be prepared to hitchhike more and longer stages (some hitchhiking experience is recommended)
  • as on all other routes as well: Fun!

However, in the case that there are not enough participants for the free route you will be assigned to the regular Görlitz routes if you had chosen the free route.

We can’t wait to see you on the road! Cheeerioo


Startingpoints for 2019 are chosen.

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Hey dear hitchhiking folks!

As you already know, this year’s Tramprennen will go to beautiful Romania, more specifically to Transylvania, so be prepared for friendly people, high-quality roads, probably new cars, diverse landscapes and of course Dracula (he’s mostly harmless, but bring garlic anyway).

Both starting points will be close to borders in eastern and southern Germany, so we can enjoy the maximum amount of time in rather eastern parts of Europe.

The starting points will be in:

→ Bad Grönenbach (Allgäu, Bavaria) &

→ Görlitz (Lausitz, Saxony).

There will be fireplaces, a campground and lots of Hippiekacke at both places, so brace yourselves!

The Race will take place between 16th and – 31st of August. So get your vacation request ready, take out your calendars, find your favorite hitchhiking friends to be ready when the official registration on our website starts on the 1st of June!

Easterrace 2019!


Hello you crazy autostop-fanatics,

we know the time without Tramprennen is always the hardest but we can announce some relief:

As every year we will have some amazingly crazy hitchhiking stuff on the easter-weekend! Here is the basic plan!

Friday 19th of April 2019 afternoon:

  • meeting in Eisenach
  • getting together and socialize

Saturday 20th of April 2019 the whole day:

  • Hitchhiking (YEAH!!) to Vinning near Unna with exciting fun hitchhiking games!
  • You will get further information in Eisenach!
  • Hippiekacke in Vinning (guitar juggeling or some crazy stuff)

Sunday 21st of April 2019:

  • Hitchhiking (again YEAH!!!!) to Soltau also with some hitchhiking specialties
  • Visiting the Tramprennen legend (;-)) Torbi
  • Hippiekacke in Soltau

Monday 22nd of April 2019: 

  • leaving Soltau or staying in Soltau, basically whatever you want…


If you want to participate, write us an e-mail at gro.nennerpmartnull@ofni and we will tell you the details!

See you on the road chasing bunnies and eating eastereggs

Your TR-Orgacrew

A hitchhikers guide to Transylvania



Have you ever heard of Dracula? Well you can soon hitch to the spooky places of the mysterious vampire.

Dümdüdüdümmm *drumroll*

Tramprennen 2019 will lead you to the wonderful region Transylvania at the foot of the Carpathians. WHOOP!
Are you excited? Do you want to teach Dracula some hippieshit? Great! Tell your friends and pack some garlic! From 16. August to 31. August we will hitchhike to the bet to Romania!


And now to be truly memorable for the Tramprennen you can organize a starting point! If you know a place where 20-50 people can spend the first evening of Tramprennen 2019 write us an e-mail at gro.nennerpmartnull@ofni.

The starting point should be either in the east/south-east of Germany or in a country east/south-east of Germany. However if you are not sure if your starting point fits just ask us and we will work something out.


Stay tuned for more hitchy infos! And don’t forget about the Easterrace!