Our own and other hichhike-projects

Tramprennen 2017 goes to Baltic region

2017 brought up something new! After years of the same discussions about: “Where to go this time?” this year we made a voting with all the people who joined Tramprennen during the last 9 years. According to the comments you entered in the poll, we chose six regions, that could be the destination we are […]

Tramprennen 2016 – Newsletter#1

Hi everyone,  not at all three weeks until it finally starts. And here is the first Newsletter for all participating teams, finally.. Whoop, whoop! Here you find the important points: Registrations/Teams/ official stuff Infos about the Start Infos about the final destination Collect donations: Now it´s really going on! Film project   First: Great to […]

Sticker-Contest 2016!

  Here we go again!! For those who can´t wait to spread their design skills all over the continent there´s another crazy episode of our world famous STICKER-CONTEST! And because it´s a contest there is also something to win: The designer of the winning proposal will receive a Postcard from our final destination Tsigov in […]

Newsletter #2 – Routes are fixed!

More than a month ago first information about this year´s Tramprennen found their way to the waiting hitchhikers. Just look outside your window and you will see a lot of things happened in the meantime! Spring has already done a pretty good job and brought nature back to live again. But not only plants and […]

Easter Competition 2016 Last Infos

Introduction Eastern is knocking on door. Perfect time for Eastern-hitchhiking, don´t you think? In 2016 there is a cozy Petrol-Station-Bingo-Game. Means: On Thursday you’ll simply download a Bingo-Sheet from our website. This sheet is extra generated for you (if anyone wants to generate a new sheet which fits better, can order a new one). Starting […]