Tramprennen 2020 – Cancelled – stay tuned for the alternative plan

Dear hitchhikers, We are sad to announce that Tramprennen 2020 will not take place due to the Coronavirus-situation. Hitchhiking for two weeks in small cars would simply be unresponsible and not the experience we are looking forward to. At the same time we are preparing some alternative Tramprennen content and actions to raise some money […]

Tramprennen 2019 – A kind of short review

Dear Tramprennen Folks, Half a year after our ways parted in Transylvania, the memories of our hitchhiking adventure to the southeast of Europe might start to fade. The warm get-togethers in Görlitz and Bad Grönebach, the hot and dusty roads of hungary, the euphoria, loud singing, puzzled lifts and cheering at the final destination in […]

News are coming up soon!

Stay tuned within the next weeks, news about the Tramprennen 2020 are coming soon!