News and Announcements Tramprennen 2014

Tramprennen 2014… it’s hard to put into words!

We were standing in a desert beach at the Albanian Adriatic Coast a few hours ago. Although there were no cars at all, it took less than ten minutes to get a ride and get offered coffee once again. Five minutes after that, the driver interrupted a wedding reception so we could try some of […]


Whoop,whoop! That`s the final newsletter before the race starts on Saturday. We can’t waiiiit!!!!! While we are writing this newsletter to you, we are also washing shirts and bags in the bathtub, drying them, doing silkscreen printing, programming the website, distributing eddings, sim cards, stickers, flyers and prepare a few other suprises. Long story short: […]

WHERE ARE WE GOING 2014? #6 – Carpathian Mountains

The Carpathian Mountains – Home of bears, wolves and a lot of really nice people. And this year aswell the home of a few hitchhikers heading to Macedonia. From Austria in the west to Romania in the east, From Slovakia in the north down to Serbia in the south – the Carpathians cross many amazing […]


Hey ho you crazy people that are hitchhiking with us to Macedonia in two weeks! Here is our first Newsletter! We are sorry for all the technical problems we have had, and the many delays. However, once we are in Würzburg the 15th this will be all-irrelevant To keep you informed until then, here is […]

WHERE ARE WE GOING 2014? #4 – Franconia

by Marleen Already in 2011 the most beer-containing region of Germany – Oberfrangen! (Upper Franconia, pronounced in franconian dialect) – was one of the first stage destinations. In 2014 the starting point of the hitchhiking race will be Underfrangen (Under Franconia, p.i.f.d.). This part of Franconia already belongs to Wine-Franconia (also: Main-Franconia), because of its […]