Our own and other hichhike-projects

Go for the trophy!

Friday evening, south-east Bavaria. In the scenic village of Berchtesgaden the day is coming to an end. People are cheerful, for it’s the start of the weekend. After a moody early April, the weather is finally more stable and it appears as if Spring has now come. All over the village work is being finished […]

Hitchhiking from Hamburg to Valencia and back

The 60 hour race is over and after a couple of days of recovery time we’re fresh and awake again! Thursday morning around 45 hitchhikers in 20 teams met at 9am in front of “Susi’s Showbar”, Hamburg-St.Pauli to hitchhike 60 hours as far as they can and back to Hamburg! Most of them made it […]

Ooh LaLaLa!

60 hours of hitchhiking. Hardcore. True Emotions. Hitch me wet! Less than 24 hours to Hitch-Off at Susi’s Showbar! Celebrate urself at the pre-gathering in the Haus III & 70 in Hamburg Nutters, gather up! All the lardasses at home can follow the hitchhikers via the SMS-liveticker, known from the last races. Let’s race hell!