• Tramprennen 2023

We’re planning Tramprennen 2023 right now, and you can look forward to another year of crazy hitchhiking experiences on the roads of Europe! This page will be continuously updated.

19.08.2023 to 02.09.2023

Tramprennen 2023 will take place from Saturday, August 19, 2023, to Saturday, September 2, 2023. The registration phase runs from June 1 to July 31.


Below you can download the poster of Tramprennen 2023. Print it and spread it across your town!

We’re heading to Néa Karváli in northern Greece!

Néa Kaváli is located a few kilometers east of Kavála (see photo). A significant history, nice food and the sea is waiting for you!

Starting from Vienna and exciting routes

This year, we’re starting from Vienna. Currently, we’re planning two routes. After the start in Vienna, we will explore Lake Balaton and the Puszta before some participants head to the Southern Carpathians and others go to northern Serbia. The routes will meet again in southeastern Serbia. There’s a lot to discover along the way: a piece of Tramprennen history, dramatic landscapes, and perhaps even colder temperatures (be prepared). Special highlights await us along the route, such as iconic statues for obligatory selfies or rustic places to stop and rest. The landscape is incredibly diverse: mountains, lakes, villages, cities, dusty roads, beaches, and not to forget the historical Aegean Sea with its beautiful sunsets. The final decision on the number of routes will be made after the registration deadline based on the received registrations. If you need information about the countries we’ll be crossing for visas or other purposes, feel free to contact us!

We’re collecting donations for CADUS

CADUS is a nonprofit and independent aid organization that initiates innovative and sustainable projects with a focus on medical care. The organization emphasizes needs-based assistance for self-help. The development of projects is based on the team’s diverse professional experiences and competencies. Collaborating across disciplines with numerous partners is as natural for CADUS as considering social and environmental aspects. CADUS works in areas where few other aid organizations are active or have withdrawn. Cooperation with local partners is particularly important. Effective collaboration, interdisciplinary work, critical reflection on established NGO practices, and early involvement of local communities are central values for CADUS. So far, CADUS has implemented projects in Northeast Syria, Iraq, Bosnia, and the Mediterranean.

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