Tramprennen 2024

Tramprennen 2024 is being planned and you can be excited for another amazing hitchhiking madness! For the latest information about Tramprennen 2024 stay tuned and follow us on facebook and Instagram

Tramprennen 2023: A short review

It´s been 22 days since the Posei-Donuts have solemnly received the bragging rights for winning this years Tramprennen. All we have to say to say is: It´s been a blast! Over 1.400 km of hitchhiking 3172 euros of donations for Cadus. Unforgettable memories and Tales that will be told decades from now. Thanks to everyone […]

Registration closed, Liveticker started

Today was the last day for registration. Now it isn’t possible to join this years race anymore because the organisational team is preparing for the start now :). This year more than 30 teams will join the Tramprennen, after having 19 teams in 2022 this is amazing. And for all the participants, the liveticker is […]