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we arrived!

After 2000 kilometers we finally arrived at the Surduc Lake in Romania! Everyone arrived safe and happy, we had a blast yesterday and celebrated every single team that arrived in this tiny little village! Check the final ranking and some photos below! A final resume of the race will come soon, for the moment we […]

A fundraising Guide and Route capacity

Hey folks, this is a quick update about what’s going these days! 1. Fundraising Guide We’re close to reach the 50 Cent/km, so almost 1000 Euro are inside of the water bucket! Awesomizzl, thanks and thumbs up for everyone who raised cents and told friends and family about the race so far! Keep on rocking!! […]

News for hitchhikers: Spread the word!

Heya fellow hitchhikers! Crazy shit – just one more month and we’re finally on the road again! So far 38 teams registered, many already completed their registration, some are still in the process of doing so. We know – homework sucks, but sometimes it’s necessary and we hope to get everything managed smoothly :). Here […]