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Is that Jim Carrey hitchhiking? :)

The number of teams and participants is rapidly growing: 34 teams registered, 15 teams are already confirmed and so far we’re going to hitch down to Romania with 69 hitchhikers! In practice: more than 3 of the existing 6 routes are full! And one important question: Is that Jim Carrey hitchhiking? ;) [youtube id=v5V4lc3jaZE] Just […]

New: Hitchmate X-Change Pin Board

Heya! Since we received quite a few mails of people still searching for hitchmate we decided to set up a pin board. Login and write some sentences (where you from, which route you wanna hitch, etc) and leave a contact information, so other hitchhikers can get in touch and register a team together with you! […]

Registration bug is fixed

Whoop! The registration bug from the past days should be fixed now and you can register without any problems again. Make sure to invite your hitchmates via mail and follow the instructions in our mail, how to do your homework etc. You might need to re-invite your hitchmates if you’ve invited them before the bug […]

First teams online; finding a Hitchmate; Choosing a route

Heya Hitchhikers! It’s not even 2 weeks and already 15 teams registered for the race! Awesome! Maybe you’ve wondered why you can’t see most of the team profiles online on the website yet: Every team has to do some homework, before their profile will be published. Three hard workers made it in the meantime and […]