Winner of Sticker-Contest / Notifying Start


The Sticker-Contest has shown again that we have some really creative minds among us. Thanks a lot for your great designs! The Sticker you can see above has managed it – it will be this year´s Hitchhiking-Race-Sticker and would like to be distributed as often as possible during the race.


To not plunge you completely into the unknown, but still maintain the voltage, we´ll give you some tiny informations about the routes in the next few days/weeks.

You are already know the different starting places. But here is a short reminder:  There will be 8 different routes. The starting places are Halle, Leutkirch, Freising and Innsbruck. There will be two routes from each starting place. You already know from which place you want to start? Then it´s time for registration!

If you don´t have got a hitchmate yet, you are heartly invited to our first “FIND-A-HITCHMATE-PARTY” in Berlin on June 10th. Here is the link:

We are already really excited for the summer and we’re thrilled to experience an incredible Hitchhiking-Race 2016 with all of you!

Sticker-Contest 2016!



Here we go again!! For those who can´t wait to spread their design skills all over the continent there´s another crazy episode of our world famous STICKER-CONTEST! And because it´s a contest there is also something to win: The designer of the winning proposal will receive a Postcard from our final destination Tsigov in Bulgaria– Signed by his majesty Peter Pony I. himself!

Rules are the same as you already know: Until Sunday, 22nd of May you can send your designs to gro.nennerpmartnull@oreg. After that there will be a voting on our facebook page and the design with most of the likes will make it to your hitchpackages this summer!

Have fun! Your TR-Crew

Newsletter #2 – Routes are fixed!

Ole bulgarien

More than a month ago first information about this year´s Tramprennen found their way to the waiting hitchhikers. Just look outside your window and you will see a lot of things happened in the meantime! Spring has already done a pretty good job and brought nature back to live again. But not only plants and animals sneak out of their hole. The Tramprennen Crew is not sleeping but constantly working on the (already!!!) 9th version of our beloved Race. Last weekend some of us met in Berlin to work on the routes for this summer. And we are happy to present some more hot news to the hitchhiking world out there!

Final destination

You know that Tramprennen 2016 is going to beautiful Bulgaria and the internet users among you might already have checked the whole country to dream of some nice places to go. We found a super nice one: The small village Tsigov Chark at the banks of the beautiful Lake Batak, situated in the Rila mountains. Sounds like the world´s ass? Yes, it is! But trust us, it´s a fucking gorgeous ass!

Atlas Tsigov


The first Tramprennen in 2008 started with only one route and through the years they become more and more. For the first time last year we had 6 routes but even that was almost little for all the hitchhikers wanting to join the race. That´s why we will do a next step this year and we are proud to announce that we now have eight routes in the pipeline! To keep the whole thing even more interesting we will only announce the detailed routes at the evening before the race right at the starting points. Buuut… anyway it will be worth it to check the homepage from time to time because some more informations will maybe drop out earlier!

Starting Points

One important information about the routes is ready to be spread right now: the four different starting locations. This year Franzi will invite you to Innsbruck, Jakob to Leutkirch im Allgäu, Gero will start something in Freising and Luki is looking forward to kick off the shit in Halle (Saale). Like last year there will always be two routes starting from one point and meet each other again half way before everybody will meet in Tsigov Chark after two weeks. At the starting points each team will be (fairly! :-)) drawn to one of the two routes starting from there.


Last but not least some dates you should keep in mind. Most important of course: Tramprennen 2016 will take place from the 19th of August until the 3rd of September! But it´s maybe also interesting for that registration will start the 1st of June and (even more important) will close again the 31st of July. As soon as the first teams will be online there will also be the possibility to donate.

While writing this we´re getting more and more inpatient to rock the roads to the East this summer and we are pretty sure it´s the same for you while reading! Whoop Whoop

TAKE-OFF 2016 – Tramprennen comes out of hibernation!


Tramprennen 2016 starts to become reality. Last weekend a bunch of impatient hitchhiking-addicts gathered in Leipzig to launch a new episode of Hippiekacke for this summer. Of course there is still a long way to go but at the same time we can already present some first news!

Final Destination

This is probably the information everybody was waiting for: Tramprennen 2016 will go to the beautiful country of BULGARIA! The exact location will be announced soon, when the routes will be planned – first glimpses show numbers of different and beautiful opportunities to go and look forward to! We know that traveling southeast is something that can cause discussions due to the current political situations in this part of Europe. But at the same time we belief that another Tramprennen to these regions can also be a sign for free movement and against borders!


Routes and starting Points

As you know from the previous years there will be different routes leading to our final destination somewhere in Bulgaria. After the good experiences with last year´s mode we decided not to change this again. Again there will be several small starting points with two routes each. The routes will be announced at the starting spot the evening before the race starts and the teams will be drawn to one of them by coincidence. The different starting locations are not sure yet and will be planned and published soon.


Last year we collected a lot of donations for the important work of Viva con Agua and PRO ASYL. We still think both of them are organizations which are worth to support. Again we will split the money we raise between those two!

As a reminder for everybody: Tramprennen will be from August 19th to September 3rd this year. We can´t wait make it happen!