News and announcements by the Tramprennen-crew

Tramprennen 2021 cancelled – Join our first TrampCamp

Hello Tramprennen-people and Hitchhiking enthusiasts, As you might know, even though vaccination-numbers are rising and case counts are dropping, COVID isn’t over.  For us it is another year in which we have to cancel our beloved hitchhiking race for health and safety reasons.  But our thumbs are icking just too much to let this summer […]

Tramprennen 2019 – A kind of short review

Dear Tramprennen Folks, Half a year after our ways parted in Transylvania, the memories of our hitchhiking adventure to the southeast of Europe might start to fade. The warm get-togethers in Görlitz and Bad Grönebach, the hot and dusty roads of hungary, the euphoria, loud singing, puzzled lifts and cheering at the final destination in […]

News are coming up soon!

Stay tuned within the next weeks, news about the Tramprennen 2020 are coming soon!

Registration starts!

Just a few days till the registration for this years tramprennen will start. At the 1st of June we will open our virtual doors and we hope you are as excited as we are! The Routes are more or less ready to hitchhike, just for the notorious Kiel we thought about something really special on […]

The final destination 2017

WHOOP – we got it: the final destination for the 10th Tramprennen! Do you remember the Kellermann’s Resort? Where Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swazye danced the last Mambo of the season? We found the small but nice Lithuanian Version of the Dirty Dancing paradise. It is located on the bank of the lake Baltieji Latakai […]