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For an apple and an egg to Marburg (Ger) The rules Ok Folks, to keep the whole thing simple, here you have a short list of the most important information. Basic rules – As always, we call for fairness. We won´t controle anyone. Who cheats is an idiot. – We do not tolerate any disrimination. […]

Impressions 2.0

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A fundraising Guide and Route capacity

Hey folks, this is a quick update about what’s going these days! 1. Fundraising Guide We’re close to reach the 50 Cent/km, so almost 1000 Euro are inside of the water bucket! Awesomizzl, thanks and thumbs up for everyone who raised cents and told friends and family about the race so far! Keep on rocking!! […]

New: Hitchmate X-Change Pin Board

Heya! Since we received quite a few mails of people still searching for hitchmate we decided to set up a pin board. Login and write some sentences (where you from, which route you wanna hitch, etc) and leave a contact information, so other hitchhikers can get in touch and register a team together with you! […]

Media Infos & Contact

[fblock cols=8] 16. – 30. August 2013: Tramprennen, a hitchhiking race for Viva con Agua, goes to Masuria in Poland. For the sixth time, young people are hitchhiking across Europe to raise money for the drinking water projects supported by Viva con Agua. There are two important goals: With Tramprennen, the hitchhiking race, we want […]